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Just Leaning In

Nothing much has happened in the past week since I last posted. The weather has been wet and cold. Not very conducive to me staying awake and doing work so I haven’t bothered. Not the best thing to admit but there you go. Honesty counts for something doesn’t it?

So just what has happened? Well… A few things…

I bought a set of solar powered dragonflies. They were on cheap and I was bored waiting for the wife’s (late) train to get in. I then put them up and they worked! lol… Bit crap but I like them. B-)


My very established Aquilegia has started to put out a few flower spikes. Not as many as I would like but there are more pushing up under the foliage that you can’t quite see yet.


My Cherry has put out a load of green growth… No blossom though… Does the blossom come after the green or before? Maybe it needs to be established before I get blossom and fruit. Answers on a postcard to the usual address, thank you.


The strawberries in my vertical gardening are setting flowers already. Barely any green and already flowers? What is this madness I see? O.o


The Tulips in my bulb pot are opening. Windblown and cold battered already but they are there, so yay?


My Rudbeckia “Black Eyed Susan” has started to push up. only small starter leaves but they are there. I’m glad they survived the winter. Although I must admit that there doesn’t seem to be as many growth points as last year. That may not be a good thing.


The Geraniums I saved from work last year are already starting to put flowers out. Not even got them outside yet and some are racing off!


Also… Finally some of my tomato seeds have germinated! About bloody time. I must have planted at least 3 dozen seeds at various times so far this year… Only these have germinated. I hate growing from seed at times. >.>


And finally…Speaking of seed germinating. This… The wife was cutting up one of her Pink Lady apples and found a couple of seeds that had already germinated! O.o

After a look on Google I found that while it’s not a common thing, it does happen! It’s a lot more common with peppers and a bit common with tomatoes from what I read but any seed can do it. Also… They look wierd!



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  1. That’s an interesting vertical planter! Just one strawberry plant? I save my seeds from my vine-ing Nasturtium plants every year, but the apricot ones are slowly fading away after 3 years. The yellows and oranges took over. My chamomile seeded themselves I have a few tiny plants coming up, I hope to see more when I get home Sunday. I’m sorry I didn’t shake the dying plants over the garden, I love when they come up on odd places.

    1. Thank you! No… There are is about 6 in all in that setup.
      Normally with seeds on plants like that, the birds are the ones to scatter them around.
      I’d love to get nasturtiums in my garden but the last few times I managed it they were utterly BATTERED by slugs and caterpillars. I don’t mind the caterpillars as such but the slugs were a royal pain.

  2. Usually my rudbeckia comes back every year, and that’s in pots – never looks like much this time of year and before I know it it’s a metre tall. I’m jealous of your tulips, mine are still in shock from last year’s move, I think. Or just old. I didn’t expect much this year, anyway. Well, I expected better than zero blooms, which is what I have!
    I didn’t try to grow tomatoes from seed this year. Bought two that are already about a foot tall (sorry mixing my measurements heheh) and I’ll go with that. I have poor luck with them. And courgettes and pumpkins and peppers…sigh. Such a shame I don’t like cabbage or onions! At least I still have my garlic 🙂

    1. Are all your Tulips blind? O.o
      Did you let them stay as they were until the turned yellow and fell over?

      I’m only going with basic stuff this year in my plot. Tomatoes, onions, garlic, potatoes and squash.
      If all this works then I will spend a little cash and do it properly next year with a proper rotovating and rotted manure mixed in. I may also get some raised beds in a couple of years and maybe turn a little more of my garden to cropping (If I don’t get an allotment!)

      I have a bit of a black thumb when it comes to seeds. In any one planting session I will almost guarantee that half will fail! >.>

      1. The poor tulips are about 10 years old – they came up nicely for a few years then stopped. My garden guru (one of hubby’s uncles) told me that many varieties aren’t meant to bloom more than once! I’m still fighting that idea. Never give up, never surrender! Lol
        I think the only one that has come back consistently is one single bulb, out of a dozen of that variety I planted originally. I still haven’t relocated that one, but the wind has torn the leaves to bits this year.
        I always leave the leaves of bulb plants until there is nothing left to feed the bulb. Even to the point of tying up last year’s daffs as they were in my way to clear out other messes last year. I actually wish the greenery would die back faster, as I need to get into that corner and clean it up.
        Ah, seeds…I’m crazy for growing from seed. I have a huge gra for getting something out of nothing. I’m the child of a child of parents who survived the American Great Depression.

        1. I like the idea of growing from seed… I just have to accept that I suck at it and its going to be more economically sound to buy the plants from someone less derpy than I am. B-)

          Oh… And could it be that your Tulip bulbs are too close together now? Have you tried digging them up and repositioning them?
          My Gran used to grow loads of things from seed. She was a child of the rationing after WWII. She needed the fresh fruit and veg to feed the family!

          1. They probably are overcrowded- but when moved they were fingernail-sized. I just don’t have the room for so many, in a good sunny spot.
            Well-meaning hubby bought me FORTY gladiolus bulbs. Yes it was a good price but…I have no clue what to do with them.
            Yay, we are both Victory Garden grand-children! I mostly do it because I can, and I want to learn, just in case it is needed again? Or so I know how? These skills shouldn’t be lost.

            1. I don’t think they will be lost. And I do it because its pretty, I like getting outdoors in nice weather and… well… reasons. B-)
              They may be small BECAUSE they were compacted. If you space them maybe it will help them?
              And with your bulbs… Why not keep some for you and then pass them out to your friends? Play swapsies for things you do want?
              If I want something and can only get it in big numbers I spread the love. At some point it will get reciprocated!

                    1. I’m not either – but I am married to a local and we do like to go for a pint (well, we used to). Isn’t it odd that we mostly anti-social people choose to create blogs? I was just looking at someone else’s numbers, in the hundreds, and shuddered. That isn’t what I’m here for!

                    2. With a blog I have the ability to ignore people until I can deal with it. If I’m not feeling up to humans and someone makes a comment I could legitimately say I was busy.

                      I have not even reached the dizzy heights of 100 subs yet so I don’t have the overwhelming stress of dealing with people. Besides… I have yet to meet anyone on here that isn’t really nice!
                      I wish the real world had a few more people like those I have met on WP. B-)

                      BTW… Serious question. Why are you here then. Are you, like me, just here for helping and being helped?

                    3. That is a great response and makes so much sense. I need time to think things over, for most real problems.
                      Why am I blogging? Hmm. I didn’t have a job when I started, and had little success looking for one. I’ve always been a writer, so I started off just telling stories, but in ‘real time’. Then some of my history crept in, like my gory story time post, of things that actually happened to me and I thought might be interesting. But only if I could put a twist of (to me) humour on it. I do have depression, too, so blogging is both therapy (as I cannot abide the idea of going to a shrink again) and a way for me to evaluate myself- if I go quiet, blogging, it means I’m not in a good place.
                      Now, I have to do things differently because of a badly written post that made me infamous locally. I was given a one day lesson on what not to post. It broke my spirit for blogging for a while, so now I just do cats and gardening. Safe stuff that I still love.

                    4. Ah. The problem with people you know reading your blog. I only have a couple of people I know ready mine but it’s OK because I don’t do personal stuff on mine. It’s ONLY for gardening.
                      If I started a personal one it would have an age restriction and no followers other than broken people like me! B-D

                      There is a lot to be said for getting your feelings out, even if they are not published. My daughter has anxiety issues and she has been told to get a journal and write in it every day. If she feels the need she has a shredder and access to the compost bin.
                      It’s not about people reading it. It’s you formulating your thoughts enough to get them down in a readable manner so to help you deal with them. Talk about cheap therapy!

                    5. I think I have an X or at least an R rating on my blog, as I won’t be constrained in my liberal use of profanity. I love using “bad words”. I can be kinda disgusting at times, too, so it’s better that kids stay away. It hurts to not be able to say everything I want to get out, now, but as far as the things I can say? I’m damned sure going to use my real voice.
                      Don’t say broken, because you aren’t. You’ve not given up. Damaged, I’m okay with. Damaged people are my favourites, anyway. We understand each other 🙂
                      It’s all to do with the amount of repair needed. Green things do a hell of a lot to repair us, don’t they? Not everyone, sure – some focus on family, or pets, or motorcycles or art…whatever it takes. I know that if things get really bad, I can get support here, too. It helps me to know that – yep, cheap and honest. 😊
                      I hope your daughter does try the journaling. It does help a lot of people, and especially if it is just for her and not to be read by others, or even by her ever again.

                    6. She has been doing it for a few years now. She isn’t as bad as she used to be so I guess in a way it has worked.
                      I don’t swear on my blog, mainly because its not really a format that allows it. There is no real place for it. But when I had my personal twitter and other things then I did… A lot! B-D

                      I have no problems admitting I’m broken. It doesn’t really affect my life… I’m not damaged because that would imply a means to effect repair. I’m either beyond the need for repair or not entirely sure I WANT to be repaired. I’m actually very happy as I am.
                      I tried doing art… But I’m crap at it so rather than embarrass myself I gently put it to the side for others to never see and did other things. B-D

                      BTW… How do you know if your blog has a rating? O.o

                    7. Oh, good! I wish her the best – it’s not one of my struggles but I’ve seen how hard it is.
                      I set the rating myself! Somewhere in the WP settings I’ve not looked at in years.
                      If you are okay with how you are then how is that broken? Not being pushy for details: never. And I’m not a new age foo-foo kinda person either. I’m actually horribly negative and possibly evil, I just fake being nice when writing. Maybe that’s why I do it?

                    8. Lol. No. I’m just not like others. I really don’t like people at all at times. I would really rather be in my own and when I tell others this hardly anyone agrees with me.
                      I play MMOs in solo play mode. Many people think its daft… But such is me. *shrug*

  3. Those lights are adorable!

    I have to admit, I stink at growing from seed. They sprout and look great, then fall over and die before they’re barely more than a sprout. I tend towards established plants that I can just transplant.

    We’re so behind though. Life got so crazy that I haven’t planted any edibles this year. Hope I can fix that before it’s entirely too late.

    1. Over here it’s been a weird Winter and Spring. We are still having hard frosts and it’s almost May!
      And I get you on buying established plants. I love the idea of growing from seed but needs must

  4. I have been informed (just got a little cherry tree myself) that it will be another 2 years before it forms fruit 😦 It’s a waiting game!

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