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Earth Day

Today is Earth Day. So here is a picture of some earth.


This little patch of earth is important, not just to me but for a myriad of unseen others. There are worms and an amazing amount of insects in there, flying insects and bees will possibly want to build nests in there. Wild seeds blown on the wind may germinate in there and, most importantly, I want to grow food in there.

It’s in my own interest to keep this little patch of earth as optimal as I can. This means I need to keep the earth to every side of it as optimal as I can. And the air above it, don’t forget about that, and the rain that falls on it, that’s important too. And then there is the bit over the road… And so on and so on.

This is why we all need to do out bit to help with the environment. Everyone can do their tiny bit. This could merely be recycling your plastics and paper, composting your food scraps or simply walking to the shops rather than taking the car!


Nowadays, here in the UK at least, we can all recycle our household waste. Most councils have a recycling system in place. If not then the majority of big supermarkets will have recycling stations nearby you can use, for free.

You can also do a little by not buying items with overwhelmingly stupid packaging. However, sometimes that packaging can have a good reason. You may have seen this on your travels of the internet, but here is a thing. I know an elderly lady with terrible arthritis that can now eat fresh oranges again. So don’t be so quick to call every bit of questionable packaging as bad. Sometimes you simply didn’t know who it was designed for.

Don’t be afraid to give things to charity shops or use a local freecycle group if they are in good nick and you don’t need them anymore. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

One more thing. I am keen to see the world in a better state. I do what I can, where I can. But I accept that I am limited in exactly what I can do. But of late I have noticed that a few people get a little, erm… I’m just going to say “Over Zealous” in their activism.
Don’t let others bully you or make you feel bad because they do more than you can. It may well be that they have access to things you don’t or simply live a way of life you don’t/won’t or can’t share. Do what you can, when you can and help others to do the same. Maybe tomorrow you can do a little more… Who knows?

Above all? Stay positive and enjoy life. B-)

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3 thoughts on “Earth Day

    1. One thing I don’t miss is the fact that my bin no longer smells bad.
      My neighbour still dumps everything and her bin REEKS in summertime… And she pays to have it cleaned. O.o

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