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Wildlife Day in the Garden!

It seems like today was a wildlife day. First thing this morning me and the minion were walking out the back door when we saw a grey squirrel. (s)he bolted up and along the fence to the copse of trees at the back to get away.
I have never seen a squirrel in the 14 years we have lived here. I hope we didn’t scare it too much and it comes back at some point!

Next up was a raptor of some kind. I think it was a Kestrel. About 11 am I saw it whip over my head while I was outside and then it did the wing folding thing that Kestrels do, this is why I think it was a Kestrel rather than anything else, and it dived into the same copse the squirrel escaped to earlier.

Typically the two things above were just simply WAY too fast for me to get a pic or anything. But the last thing I did capture. I found a Bee having a swim in my pond-in-a-pot… Well… Clinging to a leaf for dear life would be more accurate!
I gently lifted it out, gave it some honey as I didn’t know how long it had been there then got it into the sun and then got a bit of video and put it up on YouTube.

In all a bit of a busy day, really.

The only other thing I did today was get some timelapse of a Bellis opening it’s petals and doing a little heliotropism.
Watch it here if you want to. B-)


8 thoughts on “Wildlife Day in the Garden!

  1. Oh dear. You should be hoping that the raptor got the squirrel. The grey ones aren’t native, have decimated the native red squirrel population, and they will eat EVERYTHING in your garden. Bulbs especially. Cute and all, but a real pest.

    1. Oh… Are they? I thought they were not that bad. I knew about the red/grey issue but as I have never seen a red squirrel… Oh well… Live and learn. B-)

          1. What? No hedgies? I’ve only been here 11 years and had at least three in my garden. Not to mention the ones I see splattered all over the road. But I’m in quite a rural area, for being in a town. Cows next door and all 🙂

            I think I saw a mink last year – now that is another US import we could do without. Some well-meaning PETA type people released them from a fur farm, been devastating Mayo ever since.

  2. I can’t imagine ever wanting to see a gray squirrel and they ARE native here. Destructive little buggers. If they didn’t have those cute fuzzy tails people would see them for the rats they are. In the country they are fine but here in the city they are not welcome.

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