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Hoverfly Lagoon Project

In one of my recent blog posts I spoke about Hoverflies and how they can be a real benefit to a garden. Well, after watching the vid a couple of times I had a go today at making a Hoverfly Lagoon because it was such a nice day.

This is a link to the original vid I put on my post last time from The Buzz Club. This is what I am using as reference.


To start with I needed some materials. I had picked up some half decomposed leaf mulch from work the other day just in case I actually got around to making it. I also cut the grass specially this morning just so I would have fresh cut grass to use in it!


After that came the milk bottle (Well washed out), a sharp knife and a planter I wasn’t using.


I cut the top off the milk bottle and cut a few small holes in a few places on the planter so that any water doesn’t get trapped and held in the planter.


I then filled the milk jug with grass. In the vid linked above they gave a weight measurement to use. I didn’t bother with that. I just stuffed some in. I didn’t pack it in though, just pushed it down a little.


I then filled it with water. In the vid they said tap water but I used rain water from my water butt as I thought it would be more natural. I then, late as usual, put in a couple of holes so that the water wouldn’t over flow. No idea how I forgot that. >.>


I then topped with leaf mould and litter and put in a couple (4) long sticks that went all the way to the bottom of the pot.


To finish off I popped it in the planter and heaped up some more leaf litter around it. That’s it… All done. Didn’t take long to make at all. In fact I think I spent more time taking photos than actually making it!

Placing it was a bit of an issue. In the vid it doesn’t tell you WHERE to site it, bit of an important thing to miss out there. Quite surprised really. But in the PDF you an download it says to site it in a place that won’t dry it out, so no sunny spots. I chose somewhere out where I can watch it but not have it in direct light.


You can see it hiding just behind the Spirea in the pot. It’s actually a sheltered spot because there is no actual direct sunlight on it but it is out in the open.
I was going to put it behind the Lupins, near the pond, but they have yet to grow to any real height so not sure that is a good idea yet. I can always move it when they get a move on, or the smell gets a bit too much! B-)

Not to worry. I will keep an eye on the water levels and in a few weeks the grass should start breaking down and hopefully the Hoverflies will move in!




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