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Speedy Squash Seedlings

A week ago I sowed the seeds for my 2 squash, Butternut and Junona. Looking at them this morning I need to get them in bigger pots, STAT! O.o


3 days ago, just starting to germinate and push up.


This morning. OMFG… They are LEAPING up!

So I tore them out of the cardboard egg box trays I had used and put them in pots.

BTW, I’d like to add in here that the card egg box idea was REALLY good as the card just all but dissolved in my hands. It was really easy to get the soil/plants out without damaging the roots. In all honesty I think I could have planted them with the egg box if I had wanted. I really doubt it would have done any harm. The roots had already grown through it without problems.

And what roots?! Tons of the things. All 12 (6 of each) look good and strong. In a couple of weeks or so they can go outside, in the ground…. Maybe with a cloche if needed.


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