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The Hoverfly Project

As we all know there has been a *dramatic* drop in pollinators in the UK. Not only bees but other pollinators such as butterflies, moths and flies. In this case, hoverflies!

The Buzz Club would like people to help with a project they are doing. Even if you don’t help with the project, having one of these little lagoons in your garden will invite in a number of other beneficial insects that you may not already have.

A quick note on hoverflies. These are not the same as the flies you get in your house that people try to kill on a daily basis. These are the unsung friends of your garden. They sit somewhere between Ladybugs and Bees.

Quote from the wikipedia article.

Hoverflies, sometimes called flower flies, or syrphid flies, make up the insect family Syrphidae. As their common name suggests, they are often seen hovering or nectaring at flowers; the adults of many species feed mainly on nectar and pollen, while the larvae (maggots) eat a wide range of foods. In some species, the larvae are saprotrophs, eating decaying plant and animal matter in the soil or in ponds and streams. In other species, the larvae are insectivores and prey on aphids, thrips, and other plant-sucking insects.

Aphids alone cause tens of millions of dollars of damage to crops worldwide every year; because of this, aphid-eating hoverflies are being recognized as important natural enemies of pests, and potential agents for use in biological control. Some adult syrphid flies are important pollinators.”

And a vid from the page on how to make a hoverfly lagoon


Remember people. No pollinators today = No food tomorrow.

I don’t know if I will be able to do the citizen science part, but does anyone want to guess what my next project will be? B-)

Thank you.

3 thoughts on “The Hoverfly Project

    1. I’d like to only I have no idea where to get hold of some leaf litter.

      I’m hoping that I can find some at work, they have a bunch of trees that get only minimal clearing. Other than that I have already started gathering twigs and grass clippings and on the look out for milk bottles! B-D

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