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Another Garden Tour

So I did another couple of garden tour vids.

Prepare yourself for a few senior moments and some topical memory loss as we go for a springtime tour of my garden.

All in all the garden is doing well. High hopes for this year.

Back garden

Front garden


I didn’t realise that you could hear the birds in the background so well.


8 thoughts on “Another Garden Tour

  1. I enjoyed the back garden tour! Will give the front one a go later on. Don’t feel bad about the senior moments – I didn’t know what the hell those were either. Your aquilegia is huge! I’ve a rake of them, all in pots, but I’m in the process of ripping out an annoying patch of grass and I’m sure I’ll throw most of them in there. I’m jealous that your blueberries are in bloom already – mine are older and bigger but just leaves at this point. But…I’ve never given them a chop. I should, I know. I think that one is a tulip – mine were unhappy and made those pathetic blooms for years. Moved them now, but I don’t expect much until next year.
    I found it very interesting to see what has come up for you as compared to here. Some ahead, some behind! You do have a lot of plants I don’t grow, too – so I’m ‘shopping’ as I watch 🙂

    1. Thank you!
      With Blueberries they only flower and produce fruit on wood 2 years old or so. I was told to keep at least 4 main stems and prune one every year to keep it ‘fresh’ as you get diminishing returns from old wood.
      Also, you need to have another plant nearby to cross pollinate from to get better production. This is why I got a 2nd plant.

      The Tulips are all new. I bought all mine either last autumn or the autumn before so I can’t imagine 2 years is enough to burn them out! O.o

      My biggest problem with looking at other peoples gardens is that they are all up and down the country so the seasons are out. As you go further north there is a lag. I think its about 6-8 weeks from the south to Scotland. Not sure where you sit on that scale.

      The root base for the Aquilegia is huge… About 6″ across now. I didn’t trim the leaves for the first few years and it suffered for it. Someone on twitter told me to trim it down when its finishing and leave all the leaves around the base to decay and mulch and it LEPT up after that!

      This is the time where being a scrounging gardener can help. Try and get cuttings or autumnal splitings. If you lived closer you could have helped yourself to mine!

  2. I love these gardening tours you do and yet again I have enjoyed both of these – can’t get over the difference since the last one you did – the garden looks so much fuller already!

    1. Considering that until 2 years ago I had a LOT more open soil areas, this year is a little better.

      I’m hoping to do more to keep the spaces filled with seasonal winter plants, or at least a couple of evergreen shrubs.

    1. O.o
      If you hit a wall you should probably go visit a hospital!

      I used to work for a local council as a municipal gardener but not for a garden centre.
      And it will come to you when you are not thinking about it. B-)

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