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Wildlife Emerging

It appears that the circle of life is rolling on. Spring is here, the climate is warming up and many insects are showing their faces and making their way to the spring plants.

Yesterday afternoon I spent some time simply walking around the garden and enjoying it. No work was done other than picking up a couple of bits of litter that had blown in.

So I was looking at my Pieris as it had been dropping it’s flowers and I was wondering why as I hadn’t seen any bees on it. So blow me down when a bee flies over the fence and starts feeding!


This is a Red tailed bee (Bombus lapidarius) I don’t think its a queen but I could be wrong. If you look at the rear legs has the brush that *may* indicate it’s a queen.


I then looked walked on to the front and saw this on one of my Polyanthus. I’m really not sure what this is. I *think* it’s a solitary bee (Early Miner bee) but I could be wrong.
So very happy to see this. Awesome!

As amazing as the solitary bee was…. I then came to my 2 big OMG! moments.


I first saw one (Left pic), then another (…. And another!) on my Euonymous in the front garden and though “I could use these on my Camellia”, so I picked one up, went to the plant in question and promptly found one already there (Right pic)!
I did take the ladybug back and put it back where I found it. No point in upsetting them for no reason.


Oh… And I’m not even going to comment on the Bee Fly that caught me out for a moment. >.>

All in all, another great day. And some people wonder why I enjoy spending time in the garden. Silly people! B-)


15 thoughts on “Wildlife Emerging

      1. I get that from people a lot too. I once posted a picture of a gorgeous (I thought) yellow and black orb weaver and was genuinely surprised that people saw it as horrible. =) Thanks for the link!

        1. People are strange.
          Yes… Bees are cute and pretty… But so are wasps yet people see them as scary and horrid. Not only that but wasps do a necessary job in the garden!

          After saying that my neighbour got in touch with the council last year about killing bees in his garden because he thought they were dangerous. Thankfully the council denied his request although they did fill in a load of small holes in the pointing on his and my walls. I had a nest on mine… I wasn’t there later. B-(

          All we need is a little better education I think.

  1. I like wasps – was fascinated last year by one rolling around in pollen. I really haven’t seen much in the way of insects here yet, though. Maybe the farmers’ fields nearby has something to do with it?!

    Anyway, great that you have ladybirds. I didn’t realise queen bees ever left the hive.

    1. From what I understand about bees, the queens at this time of year are establishing new nests.
      As to the fields? Don’t think so. We are surrounded too. But insects are a little thin on the ground at this time of year.

      1. Maybe it’s just the temps rather than farming habits. I saw far more wildlife in Leeds at the weekend than I ever see near my house, though.

          1. I think there are yes… Plants, slugs and snails (though I think the birds do a good job of demolishing the latter two). How do you feed your insects?

            1. Leaving bare earth in places, having early spring flowers and by having a pond. Although I think having the fish in there negates the benefits to the insects.

              Also, don’t forget that wasps are parasitic. They will attack and eat slugs/snails.

              1. I have’t seen any wasps to attack slugs etc but I do have bare earth. Maybe I just don’t notice the beneficial insects or they have gone to bed by the time I get out there…

                1. Possible. I have a vid of a wasp attacking a slug. It’s a little graphic but very interesting.

                  Its worth noting that most of the time I have to sit still for a while to notice the insects around me. Not sure if others will have that same issue.

                  1. Most of my insects are probably out the front, where I don’t sit. By the patio at the back, there won’t be a lot of insects because I’m just in the process of developing the herb garden. So, that probably solves the insect issue!

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