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Signs of Life

The onions I planted the other week are starting to sprout.

I am, however, a little concerned about the fact that a few of them are now sitting a little proud of the soil level. The rain we had during the week seems to have lifted some of them somewhat.

Seeing as they have roots showing I’m not sure if I should dig them out a little now and re-sink them or simply mound up a little soil around them to protect the roots. I’m thinking the latter as I don’t want to damage any roots that have grown.

This also shows that my soil has a little more clay in it than I really want. It seems to want to clag up when wet. This is something I will need to think about over the summer and see if I can get hold of anything that will help it for next year.

I read this article about improving the structure….

I’m trying to get hold of some horse manure (well rotted or not)…. It’s proving more difficult than I imagined. God knows how I’m going to get any mushroom compost or anything like that and I don’t produce enough in my bin to do my whole area.

If anyone has any other suggestions I’d be grateful.

8 thoughts on “Signs of Life

  1. There are riding schools/stables not far from me which offer manure free to a good home. My daughter went to one through the council holiday activities a couple of years ago, though for the life of me I can’t remember where exactly it is. Still, the point is there will possibly be somewhere similar near you.

    As for the onions, now I know why mine might be popping out the ground even though there are under cover. One in particular seems impervious to staying in the ground. I just push them down a little if they come up and it doesn’t seem to bother them if they are more or less out of the soil – but that could be because I have heavy soil and thus they are freer to do their own thing.

    1. I have phoned a couple of stables locally and they all seem to have someone collecting on a regular basis. I’m guessing for the exact same reason I do. >.>

      And I think the onions popping up is because my onions are not in deep enough? Or possibly that the soil is a little too heavy and not free draining enough.

      1. I wouldn’t worry about it, whatever the cause, although it would be interesting to know. I’m sure your onions will do fine – I think they are close to perennials in terms of how hard they are to kill. Watering and feeding them might be the most important factors (reminder to self).

        Shame about the stables – turns out the stables I was thinking of are towards Bradford. Pity I didn’t think of this yesterday when I was picking the tree up – I’m sure I could have stuffed a bag or two in somewhere. Anyway, should I make it over there and find that the stables really are begging people to take their manure away, I’ll let you know.

  2. If you have access to some straw (we like oat straw best), place that on top of your onions with a bit of dirt either on top of that or mixed in. Just make sure your roots are covered and they should still grow. Ours do. We try to plant them deep enough every year, but there are still a few sneaky buggers and seem to want to get up and walk away? hee hee So we just cover them a bit more, the straw mix also works great on our potatoes – also makes it easier to pull them when ready.

    1. I have some grass mulch that is keeping the potatoes warm, I also have some straw left over from the bee nest project… But not enough for all the onions.
      How close to the onions can I get? Can it touch or do I need to keep an inch… Half an inch?

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