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Action at my Birdbox

I had a little action at my birdbox this morning. So far I haven’t seen anything beyond the odd bird standing on top and pooping… As they often do. So colour me shocked this morning when I looked out the window and saw something like this…


I genuinely couldn’t believe my eyes…

And to top it all my phone, which is what I usually use to take photos, had been discharging all night at work and I had it on the power cable that typically was very short. So I had to run and get the wife’s camera and hope it still had battery power. Then I had to get the monopod because with my shaky hands there was no way I could take a decent shot!

I only got two shots. The one above and this one.


Considering I was about 30ft away looking through a window I don’t think that is too bad a shot!

I’m fairly sure they are Great tits… Maybe Coal tits? I dunno. Unless it’s one of a very small group of birds then I have no idea what they are! >.<

Neither bird actually went INTO the box, but they did go away and come back together a few times while I watched… So I’m guessing they are a mating pair? Anyway, it’s good to see my birdbox getting some attention.


This is the back of my garden. You can see how a small piece of carpet tacks would work quite well. No chance of humans getting hurt.



16 thoughts on “Action at my Birdbox

    1. Me too. Would be nice to have a wide range of wildlife in the garden.

      I think a garden with the widest possible range of animals visiting will be healthiest. This can only be good!

  1. Just lovely! Definitely great tits – you can tell by the zipper up the chest. Just checking out the options I think, to see if they need to redecorate or if they can just move in.

    1. I was thinking the exact thing when they kept popping back… B-)
      I’m not sure they took it in the end. I didn’t see them later on. I’ll keep an eye out today just in case they return.

  2. I don’t know what birds they are exactly but coal tits is a possibility. It must be so satisfying to see interest in the bird box. I need to find a place to put mine.

    1. To be honest I just put mine on the fence. I need to do something about the fact that cats can walk along the fence. I saw one the other day. Maybe I could put a small bit of old carpet edging on the top. It won’t hurt anything small and the cat will just go around… But it will create a buffer so the birds are safer.

        1. I just hope that if I do something like that they won’t get hurt. I don’t think they will, but there we go. Maybe I could bend some of the spikes in a little?

    1. With this and the blackbirds in the front I am very happy!

      I had birds in the eaves… But I think these are different… Better because they are in my plants and creations rather than taking advantage of poor craftmanship in the house! B-)

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