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My Order From BloominBootiful

I got my order this afternoon from BloominBootiful and decided to do a live unboxing for it.

All in all I was REALLY happy with it. There are a couple of teething problems to sort out but nothing of any real consequence at all. I wouldn’t rate any of the issues as something I would raise a complaint about at all. As her first order I would rate this a success.


A better pic of how much soil had escaped. Not a lot at all but worth noting.


And here are the plants in all their glory. Only one small stem had any damage at all, the rest were in good condition. All in all I’m very happy with it!

Seeing as I made the vid and this post when I should have been in bed I’ll save the planting  out for another time!

A *HUGE* thank you to BloominBootiful. I hope this was some help. B-)


5 thoughts on “My Order From BloominBootiful

    1. I practically live in the jumper. And to be perfectly honest I just threw it in when the postie banged on the door. You should be grateful I put pants on. The postie got less than that! B-)

  1. I agree with the packaging issue – even you couldn’t tell you were opening it sideways. Are all three the same type of aquilegia? Because having the stakes mixed up if they are different is a problem, too.

    1. Yep… All three were Black Barlow. I can see what you mean about if they were mixed. It wasn’t an issue this time, but something to think about.

      As it was though they were not damaged and they are happily outside at the mo. So even though they took a bit of rough they weathered it well. This just goes to show that the plastic frame did its job.

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