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Fright Of My Life

I was cutting the grass edge on my lawn this afternoon when 2 things happened. The fist was that I got the absolute fright of my life… The second was that I found where at least one of my blackbird families lives! B-)


The boxus just to the right of the gate in the above pic is just where I was finishing up when one of the blackbirds ERUPTED from it and screamed right past my face, I swear I felt the wings touch me! Scared me half to death… This is NOT an exaggeration (Ok, maybe a little). But I was scared enough to drop my edging shears!
Bloody good job I wasn’t holding a cup of tea, I can tell you! O.o


After getting my heartbeat back to something close to a roaring purr I had a little look at where the bird had come from. You can see the entrance hole right in the middle. Being the nosy … erm.. curious chap I am I wanted to have a better look.

Click for larger image

I very carefully looked in from a different angle once the blackbird(s?) pushed off. In there I saw the nest. No eggs in it thankfully. I wonder if its a new nest or not? It does look very neat and tidy.

I didn’t disturb it beyond taking the pic… I most definitely did not touch it and I also made sure to push back the leaves and not leave any open areas so as to protect the nest from predators.

I don’t think I have put the pair of them off. I stuck around for a bit, out of the way, by the hedge and saw them come back to the nest a couple of times, now I know where to look going to be easier to keep an eye on them.

After reading up on blackbirds here and here I think I understand why my blackbirds follow me around so much. I tend to make a mess behind me and only clear up at the end of whatever jobs I am doing. The blackbirds are after either disturbed worms/grubs… Duh, but possibly also spare nest material!
The female tends to do a lot of back and forth when I am about. This would explain it. Why the male follows me is a bit of a mystery though… Is he protecting her, is he taking me for a threat?

I suppose this is just another sign that I don’t actually own my garden at all. The wildlife simply allows me to look after it for them.

The cover image is not mine, btw… It was shamelessly stolen from here. B-)


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