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Monday Mad-ish-ness

Not really madness… But some parts of it did make me more than a little miffed. >.>

This morning I drove to Manchester and waved goodbye to the wife as she flies to Sweden for a week to do some media for the 2016 IPC Ice Sledge Hockey European Championships in Östersund.
BTW… If anyone has any interesting local food that she should try while out there please make a comment at the bottom! Thank you.

Driving into Manchester Airport wasn’t so bad… getting out… That was NOT easy at all. Took an hour and a half to get there and almost 3 hours to get home again. So glad I didn’t do this after a shift at work. >.<

Anyway… Once I was home I managed to get out into the garden for a bit. I cut my grass and did a little weeding. Basic stuff really. Was nice to get on with it because the weeds (I’m looking at you, Cleavers!) have really started to make a show of themselves over the past couple of weeks.


I also took the chance and allowed the cat out on her own without the harness. She was happy enough and didn’t go too far from the back door. Yeah… We have a house cat and only let her out in the garden on a lead because the kids around here are horrid to local animals. B-(


I also noticed that quite a few of my Daffies were opening fully now. This is possibly one of the most impressive Daffies I have ever seen. I believe it’s a Narcissus Double “Tahiti”. I could be wrong however. I’m not entirely sure where I got them from so all I had to Google with was “Daffodil with orange center” and keep looking till I saw something that looked right!

Then some rain came and I came in and wrote this… But seeing as the sun has come out again I may pop outside again for a while.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!


29 thoughts on “Monday Mad-ish-ness

  1. That is a lovely narcissus! And now I kinda know where you are – I have a good friend who lives in Sale, btw. One of these days we will make it over there for a few cans! For now she is always coming ‘home’ to visit us.
    My cats are both indoors only. The Bengal loves being out but he’s elderly and unwell and people here also do horrible things to cats. He goes in the car, though, and loves it! The Siames would claw my hide off if I tried to take him outside. I dread having to ever take him to a vet (luckily he is super healthy and we don’t have rabies, or fleas here, so no shots needed).

    1. We are near Wakefield, just a little south of Leeds in Yorkshire.

      I don’t know why the kids are so bad to cats. I guess its because they are always out and about and people think they are ‘wild’? I dunno… Its bloody stupid. >.>

      The cat hates going in the cat carrier to the vet… Although she doesn’t hate us afterward… So I kinda think she understands to a degree that we are not trying to hurt her?

      We picked up fleas a few years ago from somewhere… Possibly a friend who has outdoor cats? but we managed to get on top of them quick enough.

      1. My two best workmates are Leeds fellas – sound as they come!
        I have to admit to a very unsafe practice with the Bengal – no carrier. He has the harness on, and usually sits on my lap for the hated vet visit. He’s fine in the car until we go over 30mph, then the howling starts. Ugh. No, they don’t hold it against us usually. I think they are so glad to get back to home and normality they let it go!
        Ugh, fleas…and sometimes the worms that come with them! Yuck. I don’t miss them a bit, but I suppose as things warm up we’ll see more insects. Right now it’s only the midges that get me and the dog – I’ll go bananas if we get mosquitos!

        1. We don’t usually get mozzies over here unless you have a lot of standing water. Not had worms so I can’t comment on that.

          I hope you don’t drive with him on your lap! O.o

          Apparently there are ways to deter mozzies… Never used them as they don’t bother me at all. I must smell bad or something. B-)

          1. No, we always both go when it’s a vet visit! Can’t take the chance he’d get under the pedals.
            I’m probably still feeling guilty about making him be in a carrier for the flight here from America – he pooped all over himself in the plane and was so miserable, I can’t make him get in it again (11 years later). It was still a better deal than finding him a new home – I couldn’t abandon a pet.
            Mozzies ADORE me. As do the midges. I’ve got super tasty blood, it seems! I’m eternally grateful I’ve never met a leech (other than human ones hehe).

            1. Met a few leeches in my time. Hungry buggers I must say!
              Medicinally very useful though.

              Our cat only spends about 20 mins in the carrier and screams the place down. god only knows how she would react to a transatlantic plane trip! >.<

                  1. I’ve not been out of the UK since I was 8. And Scotland doesn’t really have any hardcore mozzie infestations that I have found. Especially not in winter when we normally go! B-)

                    1. If you went there now you might be alright. Otherwise, keep covered up in the evening and wear strong insect repellent. That worked for me in Thailand where there is malaria and dengue fever, so I definitely didn’t get bitten.

                      I wouldn’t go to Sweden for beer – very expensive.

  2. Looks like it really is April showers at the mo. We were just coming out of the cinema yesterday at Xscape and got caught in a heavy downpour.

      1. I managed to get my washing almost dry yesterday and today I left it out all day while I was in Skipton. It drizzled on and off up there – no idea what happened here, though if it did rain, thankfully it wasn’t that bad 😉.

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