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Being Trolled By My Own Plants

It appears that at least one of my plants is trolling me.

My Camellia appears to have a well ingrained sense of ‘F-you, matey’. Why, I don’t quite hear you asking?


Last year my Camellia took a real battering from armoured black aphids (and a severe lack of ladybugs) and  it lost a lot of leaves, curled even more and didn’t produce any buds for this year… Or so I thought.

If you look really closely you can see one, just one, flower hiding at the back. This plant did the exact same thing to me last year too. Bloody thing.


Here it is. Only the one flower on the whole plant and it’s hiding at the back near the bottom. It was only because I was checking the plant for a resurgence of those bloody aphids that I found it at all.


16 thoughts on “Being Trolled By My Own Plants

    1. The plant itself is fine. Good, green colouring, no bad smells… It just had an aphids attack I couldn’t get on top of. That caused the leaves to curl and no flower buds to form.
      If I can keep the little buggers away this year I should get a show again next year.

  1. Love the flower, do not know much about this specific plant – but, should the bark be peeling like that? (3rd close up pic) We have fruit trees and bushes that we have to protect the bark on them from ants and wasps. Since they are sweet, the sap in them seems to attract all the bad things first (boo hoo!). We use a “tree wrap” when we see them peeling. Some times we will just load them with good old Elmers Glue (its water based and non-toxic, but keeps the ugly buggers at bay). We have also gotten into the habit of keeping our cucumber peelings (love the cucs!), then spreading them beneath plants and trees – keeps a number of bad bugs away.

    1. It’s fine. It was from where I had to cut it when I first got it. It was a rescue from when I worked at the council.
      Not sure about the walls and other bugs. For me it was black armoured aphids. Possibly the worst aphid we have over here. And the other issue is that I rarely see any ladybugs that would be the best defence against them. B-(
      I think I may need to stick to either systemic insecticides, really a last resort, or soap/pepper spray as and when I see them.

      Does the cucumber skins act as a draw or a repellent?
      Seems strange that they would repel anything as they are so sweet.
      And do you not eat cucumbers whole?

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