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First Bee – 2016

I *finally* got my first bee in the garden. YAY! \o/


I think it’s a Buff Tailed Bee (Bombus terrestris). It might also be either a White Tailed Bee (Bombus lucorum) or a Garden Bumblebee (Bombus hortorum). I find it really difficult to work out which is which. *sigh*


I wish I had a better pic to use to identify. I got 2 pics, neither of them good, and then she flew off. This, however, is more important in that bees are in the area and so are likely to return.

This makes me happy. B-)


10 thoughts on “First Bee – 2016

  1. I find it hard to identify bees right now. My hope is that after I’ve looked at lots and lots of them it’ll become easier. Regardless, I do love seeing them.

    1. I have a BBCT ID poster on my wall and I still can’t tell the difference when out and about. I tend to ask on twitter but you need a good photo first… Which I don’t have this time.

      But I know what you mean… They are awesome!

  2. Congrats Kal! And its a bumbler – woo hoo! We wont get those till around late May or June, but I have seen our honey bees (we have colonies so that’s not really surprising) and, unfortunately, a couple of wasps (yellow jackets) last weekend – boo hoo!

    1. I don’t generally have an issue with wasps. We get a few later on in spring time, they prey on slugs and other insects. Not much of an issue at all. Hornets are scary though… Don’t want those.

      I haven’t seen many honey bees around here. They must exist because I saw a couple last year, but nothing like any real numbers.

      I wonder if you have wasps BECAUSE you have bee hives? They may be attracted to each other?

  3. Hey, as long as it is a bee and not a darned hoverfly, all is bee-lightful! We might be a few weeks ahead of you, actually. Going back to the daffodil conversation, myself and another blogger up the road from me had our first bumbles about two weeks ago. This is fun!

    1. I don’t mind hoverflies. Some can be really pretty.

      Are you Southern Ireland? Southern England is about 2 weeks ahead of me climate wise.
      I saw another bee later on. But I think it may be the same bee on another trip! B-)

        1. Having been caught out by the bee fly I know what you mean.

          Do you not benefit from the gulf stream there? I know Southern mainland England can get 3 or 4 degrees warmer than here without trying. So they get longer seasons too.

    1. I had been more than a little miffed that I hadn’t seen a bee yet… Loads of others had seen them. When I saw my first one I near screamed with joy… It was an emotional moment. B-)

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