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Spring Bulbs

This morning I decided to have a walk around the garden, mainly looking to trim up the border edge and do some general weeding.

What really happened was that I didn’t need to tidy up the edge and the weeding just took 2 mins with my hoe. The majority of the time was taken up with my shaky hand not being able to take photos of my spring bulb plants. >.<

Fritillaria Uva Vulpis?

First up… Fritillaria Uva Vulpis. I actually thought they were going to be a darker colour than this? Google images shows this. Not to worry. Maybe they will darken as they ripen?

I believe these are ‘Glory of the snow’ (Chionodoxa luciliae).  I think that’s what they are. They are in the same place I planted the bulbs, but they are not quite big enough for me to tell yet. Maybe someone can confirm?

Tulips! I love my tulips. These were all moved out of the original plot so I didn’t expect them to do so well this year… Yet here they are! There are a few more around the garden. But quite a few are still just leaves.


Daffies are finally opening properly. Should get a nice show this year… Lots of flower heads. I may want to look at digging up the bulbs next year because I don’t want the clumps to get too big. I’d rather have lots of smaller clumps than one or two big clumps of flowers. I also don’t want problems caused by crowded bulbs.


Then there is this. No idea what it is. It looks like an Allium but I don’t recall planting one here, let alone the 3 that have appeared in this area. They weren’t here last year so unless it’s a selfseed from elsewhere then I have no clue. I also don’t know what colour it will be.

Aaaand…. It’s raining again so I am off in again. One of the good things about only being a casual gardener now is that I don’t need to be out in the rain any more if I don’t want to be. (And I don’t BTW!) B-)


8 thoughts on “Spring Bulbs

        1. It could be a few things. Are they in good soil with no stones? Maybe they are pushing up at a wonky angle? (Saying that I think they tend to sort themselves out after the first year)

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