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Google Earth and Changes

Just a dead quick one.

I was looking up a few things on Google Earth (As you do) and decided to have a look to see if my areas photo had been updated of late. As it goes, no… BUT… What about this for a blast from the past?

garden googleearth
Click for a bigger pic

This was taken March ’09. There is almost NOTHING in this garden. Just the Euonymous Emerald and Gold that came with the house and the roses that you can just see at the back on the right just by the outhouse. That is it… No cut border, no bulbs of any kind, no colour… Just a fence and a LOT of grass to cut.

I think the garden has come along a little since then? B-)

I wish I could get a new photo from that same position to do a comparison but I am a shortarse and I’m never going to use a selfie stick… Ever. >.>


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