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Know My Onions

It’s normally ‘Know Your Onions’… But we are talking about my onions here, not yours. We can talk about yours later. But for now it’s all about me and mine… Cos that’s how I roll.

I spent only an hour in the garden today. Tiredness and rain were not conducive to getting stuff done it appears. >.>

My plan was to get my onions in, set some seeds and do a tidy up. 2 out of 3 ain’t bad!

I started with raking off the area and simply plopping the sets on the top. I had 2 lots to get in. The Red is “Red Baron”. The white is ‘Stuttgarter Giant’. in the end I got 48 white and 28 red. I could have planted more but I didn’t want to fill the area. I still have potatoes and squash to get in to the left and tomatoes to the right.

I used a super simple method for spacing. A piece of wood with 6″ markers on it. So they went in 6″ wide spacing, with 8″ between rows.


Once they were in I made up a tray and planted the above seeds. Mainly the Calendula. Just 10 pepper seeds with 30 Calendulas.

After that I just watered the plants in the greenhouse, heard the rain and came back in. So much for hard work, eh? B-)






3 thoughts on “Know My Onions

  1. I missed the rain (largely) on my travels but at least you got some stuff ticked off the list. Sounds like you’ll have plenty of onions to keep you going 🙂

    And the calendula will be a treat in a few months. I’m hoping for a bit of self-seeding in my front garden….

    1. Yeah… I should have looked at the number of seeds you get in the packet. They better be good croppers. I also hope I can harvest seeds from the peppers for next year.

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