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Jasmine Pruning

Following up on my last post when I talked about needing to do some pruning on my Winter Jasmine… Well I did it.

Before and after.

I was really concerned after making a start as to the immense amount of dead wood there was in there. I’d say almost half of it was. Quite shocking really.

I took it all back to main stems while pruning off any dead here too. After saying that there was also a fair bit of new growth coming up behind the old, dead wood too. So I have high hopes for a strong come back.

I also took off the entire right end so it no longer grows through the Rosemary (See the main pic at the top) so the whole area is only 3 full panels wide.


In the end I took off a HUGE amount more than I expected too. I genuinely thought I would only need my bucket or maybe my wheelbarrow. No… Neither would have fitted all that!

I wish I knew someone with a chipper/mulcher I could borrow. Reducing that to mash would have been great in my compost bin. Nevermind. But I have now totally filled my green bin already!


6 thoughts on “Jasmine Pruning

  1. you’re missing out on a great opportunity – -I like to sit down with a nice drink in hand and a pair of clippers and chip up all the branches by hand – very relaxing! Great job on the pruning!

    1. Thank you!
      Not sure I could do that. It would drive me up the wall and possibly signal the death knell of my secateurs… They are on their last legs as it is!

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