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Border work

I’ve been meaning to do it for AGES… And yesterday I finally got around to it. Way back in December I talked about doing something with the borders in my garden. The original border lines were cut about 8 years ago when the bushes were all much smaller and didn’t fall over onto the grassy area. But now they do and I was sick of getting the mower caught up in the lower branches and potentially damage either the mower (not likely) or the plant (very likely).

So even though I was still ill I went out to get it done. I have been reacting well to activity over the past couple of days and so I just went at it.

Before and after. Now the cut isn’t big. I didn’t want to take too much off too soon because while I can always take more I can’t put some back so easy! It’s only about 6″ taken off but I’m not sure I actually want to take too much more. Not here at any rate. This is a pic from the other sideand another angle.



The sod I took up was placed under the leylandii hedge. Don’t forget, if you do this, that you need to put it grass side down unless you actually want the grass to continue to grow.


I carried on around the corner to the Photinia and the Euonymus so that none of the bigger bushes will catch the mower. And so that’s me done for now. I may take some more off during the summer. Maybe if I decide to put some bedding plants in. I dunno.

BTW. I felt SO MUCH better after getting outside for a bit. I was utterly drowning in sweat when I was done. So much so that my phone got all fogged up!





2 thoughts on “Border work

  1. Ok, time to come clean Kal – (hee hee) for someone that says he does not know how to garden well – you sure have the Latin names of all your bushes down pat!?! LOL I know what mine are, but I give them better names – Spice Bush (smells like a kitchen full of spices when the leaves are in full spring bloom) etc. And, of course, my lilacs all have names – Beauty, Bad Boy (he doesn’t get very big and never flowers – yes, it is a male plant and this is the way he is – but I have to pick on him to let him know I care!) etc…and I am ALWAYS talking to my plants, inside, outside, greenhouse-doesn’t matter. The green house actually has a radio in it that plays 24/7 – they seem to love that too! (yes – I am obsessed, and a bit twisted ha ha ha0

    1. Nothing wrong with singing to your plants. I do that on occasion. Ok… With mine it could be why they wilt a lot… But it’s the thought that counts!

      I know the Latin names of plants because Google is my friend. And what you don’t see is the five minutes straight I spend looking at the plant trying frantically to remember just what the bloody hell it is before it finally comes to me. It all happens, you just don’t see it. You also don’t hear me talking to the bush asking it if it’s a Euonymous or a Euphorbia. I have a ‘thing’ with them both and get them mixed up all the time. >.<

      There is nothing like getting old and being past caring about how others see you, is there? B-D

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