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The strange effect of gardening

Has anyone else noticed the strange knock on effect of doing gardening, more specifically, cutting your grass? I may have talked about this before… But I can’t find it in my history.. So I am going to talk about it anyway. I have no problems repeating myself. B-)

Now I’m not saying that I am a trend setter or anything. But I have noticed that when I cut my grass the rest of the neighbourhood tends to do the same. Maybe I’m simply picking good days and it’s all a matter of strange coincidence. But yesterday, after I cut my grass and was writing up my blog post, I looked up out of the window to see that my neighbour over the way was out tidying his garden. Also, our neighbour behind us was cutting the grass and I could hear at least 2 other mowers going in the area. You can’t tell me that was all coincidence?

Do people need triggers to do things? Do people wait till others start before they know that they can too?

I understand in looking for information on things so we can learn from the mistakes and successes of others. But what if I had cut my grass too early, cut it too short, or… ?? You get the drill.  This is one of those times where you mother would ask you ‘If he had put his hand in a fire, would you do it too?’. B-)

I think I am rambling now. But it does seem strange. Anyone else noticed this phenomenon?


14 thoughts on “The strange effect of gardening

    1. It’s a curious thing. I know that. I used to cut my grass on a Friday afternoon, after work. Amazingly lots of others did too after a while. So strange.

      1. The line from Men in Black (movie) is true “a person is smart – people are stupid” – LOL…we just cant help ourselves…I blame it on the guilt my mother was so good at dishing out (ha ha)…you are doing it so I have to or I will be/look bad..LOL

        1. Funnily enough I used to work with someone that volunteered holiday time at the lawnmower museum. He used to work on old mowers to get them ship-shape again.

          I don’t think I could use one though. Too much like hard work. I’m a lazy arse at heart! B-)

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