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Spring has Sprung around me

So after only an hour and half sleep. I decided I would take advantage of the good weather and get on with some garden work.

Oh… My… Giddy… Aunt. When did gardening get so difficult? I’m putting it down to the fact that I have a cold and no sleep, but I was shattered after simply pushing the mower around a bit. >.<

The grass in the garden has really grown already. The front garden was running at about 5 or 6 inches long. The back was a little shorter. Cutting it was a real chore, let me tell you!

I left it a little long. not as short as I normally would. Also it’s as grotty as hell. Loads of grass scattered. Not all of it was picked up as the box filled up after one stripe of the front. Next week I’ll lower the cut one point and go over it again, picking up any left over clippings.


I had to leave an area because the crocus are still flowering. Fair do’s.

I also noticed that Spring is moving along without me. The Clematis (left) that had problems last year is sprouting again. And on the right is my blackberry. Already pushing new fronds. Most of the new growth is at the top, not sure if this going to be a problem later on or not.

On the left is the Aubretia. It’s starting to open up nicely. Only the odd spot of purple for now, but we are still early yet. I also noticed that the Pieris flowers are starting to open. This is really early. Very surprised at that.

Finally… The biggest shock.


My Abutilon is budding? O.o

I’m REALLY happy with this. It may be a little early but I will take it.

Now I am all about dead I’m off to bed. This work lark has taken me out. Good job I have a couple of days off. I’ll need them to get over this cold. >.>


6 thoughts on “Spring has Sprung around me

    1. To be honest I could (should?) have started earlier but I was afraid there would still be hard frosts on the way. It doesn’t look like there will be any for a while so on I trot!


  1. Maybe the excellent weather will knock the socks out of your cold?! We are gonna get to just about 80degrees here today and tomorrow – then wed. has a high of only 38 with snowy/sleety/rainy mess – aaahhh gotta love Colorado!

    1. I hope so. I don’t normally get ill. I’m thinking that the time away from the garden has lowered my immune system somewhat.
      A cold like this would have taken a day and then it would be gone. This one is lingering quite a bit. Will try to get some more outside time over the next couple of days, see if it helps.

    1. We are lucky here in that the waters have run off quite a bit. The soil is still wet… But not so bad that you can’t cut the grass.

      I’m hoping taking the top off the grass will let the wind dry it off a little more.

      I considered spiking it again, but I think its simply that the water table is too high. *sigh*

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