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Springtime in the Garden

The sun was out so me and my insane cat were out in the garden today. Not doing much, just wandering around, looking at what was happening.

A few of my plants are already pushing. My blueberry is really ready to go. In fact one of the buds has already burst!


My Centaurea altopurpurea is already coming up in multiple places. I have 2 plants and they are both showing new growth.

I also noticed that my wild garlic is sprouting and the feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium) that I got last year is back and pushing well. It has a couple of leaves not going well but I think it will get over it quick enough.

One note… The wild garlic doesn’t seem to be spreading at all. There is loads of space in there but I only get the 6 stems I planted at the start. It’s the 3rd year. I should have expected some kind of spread by now?

2 issues I have noticed already. One is that cleavers (Galium aparine) have already gotten a hold in the garden. If you have these too I can’t stress how important it is to get on top of it as soon as you can. Once it gets away it’s really not easy to stay on top of it.

The other issue… Kinda, is what I believe is Convolvulus. The issue is that last year, when I found the leafcutter bee, it was cutting up Convolvulus leaves that were in another part of the garden. So I think, for now, I will leave them be. They are in a place where I can keep them under control so until any leafcutters have been and gone I will simply let it do its thing.


Finally… My Daffies and Muscari are showing properly. The Daffies have quite a few flower heads pushing but none are ready to open yet. I don’t think it will be long before they open.

One thing to note. I didn’t see much of any wildlife other than a couple of visiting birds. No insects showed themselves. Not even any flies. I wonder if its still too early for them?


11 thoughts on “Springtime in the Garden

  1. We were asking the same question about pollinating insects yesterday when we saw blossom in the orchard.

    As for wild garlic, brilliant that you’ve got them to germinate. I think they should spread but maybe it just takes longer?

    1. With so many other people on twitter saying that they had been seeing bees around… I can only guess that the majority of them were down south and it was seasonal lag that was to answer for it.

      I dunno… I guess I can just wait and see. If nothing starts in a month or so (The lag time) then I may need to ask again.

  2. In regard to your garlic – just sit on it a bit! (ok, not literally – lol) Ours didn’t take off right away either, then after about 4 years we had to find a bigger place to move it to because it wouldn’t stop. ALSO – just when we thought we had them all dug up and moved – SURPRISE – new ones appeared. Be careful what you wish for! ha ha ha

    1. The place I got them from had massive spots of it. The clumps had been growing for around 30 years, all told. It was from an old reclaimed churchyard/cemetery that became a wildlife area.

      I’m keeping them in a pot for that one specific reason… When they get going they can be worse than mint! B-)

  3. I saw a bee for the first time this year at the weekend! Must have been a queen 🙂

    My daffodils will be flowering late this year, probably at the same time as my tulips as I planted them late! At least they will hopefully avoid the sharp frosts!

    1. You are only a bit south of me… This is a good sign that I may see some soon.
      Do you know what kind of bee it was?

      Lots of daffies around here are not open yet. I guess the colder snap held them back a bit.

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