Reflowering Christmas cactus


Very strange thing… My Christmas Cacti (Schlumbergera) is flowering again. I have no idea why… It’s not as if I have tried to starve it to push flowers again (This is a way to turn a Christmas cacti into an Easter one!). Most of the dried, dead flowers are the remnants of the Christmas flush, but a couple of just starting again and then there is THAT… It was hidden under a new leaf and I never saw it till this morning.

I didn’t think they had such a long flowering period… Especially after starting to produce new leaves.

Hey ho. More flowers! B-)




6 thoughts on “Reflowering Christmas cactus

    1. Yup. They all exist. You can push each of them to change when in the year they flower, but they won’t change the least or flower types.

      The biggest difference is the shape of the leaf segments

  1. I have just one – it’s a family heirloom of sorts as it comes from a plant my grandmother had (she died in the late 70’s) that I took a cutting of when I moved away from home in the early 90’s, and had to sneak another cutting over to Ireland when I moved here in 2005! It blooms in late October, here (was late Nov in Florida, where I grew up) but if I water it enough, it blooms again around Christmas. This year it is thinking about it again now! I’m curious to see what happens if I water it more – I do rather let it dry out entirely most of the time!

    1. Letting it dry is fine. It’s a succulent after all.
      Like I said elsewhere. You can train any of the seasonal cacti to flower at pretty much any time of year just be watering and allowing light.

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