My Crazy Albuca

Since I started growing the Albuca Spiralis for my wife, it has been a constant source of wonder and awe. For a start I’m shocked it grew at all! Beyond that it gets only a low amount of care… Maybe it likes that, I dunno.

So after last years incredible flower spike growth, I wasn’t expecting anything at all this year… Especially nothing this early. Last year the flower spike appeared in mid August… This year it seems to be hitting the spring mat, running!


Is that a flower spike I see? Yes, yes it is! Maybe it’s because the bulb that we saw after the repotting last year was so well developed that it may have energy to burn… Which makes sense as it didn’t have a sleeping period like it would normally do in its native area (The summers in South Africa being far too hot for it).


So colour me shocked when I noticed that it wasn’t one flower spike… IT WAS TWO! O.O

Yeah… I have no idea what to expect now. I’m hoping that it won’t be as insane as last year. Maybe I should plan ahead now and fix some kind of climbing frame for it.


2 thoughts on “My Crazy Albuca

    1. The frond want heavy at all, just long. The weight of the plant, plus pot was more than enough to hold it.

      But our cat felt the same for a while. So I moved it out of reach.

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