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My GYO purchases

My GYO endeavour is moving along well. Yesterday  I received my recent purchases of onions and potatoes.


The first are my onions. I went with both a red and a white. The Red is “Red Baron”. The white is ‘Stuttgarter Giant’. Both are fair croppers and usually quite resistant to problems. Onion fly is still a bit of an issue though so I’m going to try companion planting. My first idea is lavender and maybe some mint? The only issue is that Mint will have to be sunk in a pot. I don’t want to start lifting mint runners for the next millennia.  >.>

If anyone has any other suggestions I’m all ears on this one.


The next purchase was potatoes, Charlotte’s in this case. We eat these in salads and as a part of home made potato salad all the time. Other than King Edwards it’s possibly my favourite potato. Charlotte’s are a good strong variety that is resistant to blight.
I have the potatoes on the window ledge so they chit up a bit. I only got 10 seed potatoes but I’m hoping they can be cut in half at least.
I’m also on the look out for a main crop good for a bit of everything. I’d normally say King Edwards but they are proving expensive. Maybe Golden Wonder, Estima or perhaps a Russet?

I also have been encouraged to do a blend of planting in a bag and in the ground. This is what I mean. So I bought some plastic hessian style grow bags and with luck they will have a good show.

So now I think I am well on my way. That is the bulk of my crops bought. The only things left are tomatoes and spinach. Those I will likely buy as plugs as I hate growing tomatoes from seed. Don’t ask why… They just fail. I suppose we all have our black spots! As to the spinach… I don’t see the point to buy a bag full of seeds for just 3 or 4 plants. *shrug*

That’s it for now.
I may plant the onions in a couple of weeks (Mid March) and the potatoes a couple of weeks later, so long as they have chitted well!




7 thoughts on “My GYO purchases

    1. Not mine. It’s a vid I watched to get the info. I wish I had the space he does!
      If you watch the vid he does later on you get to see how his turned out. A VERY good haul!

    1. No idea. It’s just something I was told I had to look out for. Like carrot fly.
      But I suppose it’s best to plan ahead and prevent it from becoming an issue rather than fight to get rid of it once it’s here.
      Prevention is better than attempted cures.

      1. You’re right there!

        I’ve not had carrot root fly either but in this case I think it is because I tend to harvest them all in one go (then the flies don’t get the smell to bring them to the remaining carrots). Also, I think there is only a certain time frame when the flies are active. Not sure when that is but not early or late in the season.

        I’ve heard onions make good companion plants for carrots – which I did with my second batch of carrots last year.

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