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The Bee Nest Project – Pt. 1

This morning I finally got hold of some hay. Don’t ask how much I spent… It was almost extortionate. Anyway, I now have it so I can now get on with my bee project.

Point of fact. Originally I was going to use a set of plans from Gardeners world but I found a better one. Link to part 1Link to part 2. This is the one I will be using for this so have a quick look at it before reading on.

Ok? Good… Moving on. In the featured image above you can see the materials I used.

2 x  9″ (23cm) Terracotta pots.
2 x 12″ (30cm) long pipes
2 nails that are longer than the pipe is wide
An old wire bin
A small bale of hay
A smaller, heavily cracked pot to use for the roof of the nest
2 old muslin bags (Not shown because I’m a moron)


I took the large pots and drilled 3 holes into each to make the air holes. I then gave them a really good wash and scrub and left them on the side to dry off so I can attach the muslin squares later on.

BTW… It’s worth pointing out that drilling into terracotta pots produces amazing amounts of dust. Wear old clothes and a face mask because you ARE going to make a mess!


I then took the pipes and nails and banged them together to produce what you see above. This is the slug guard. I then turned the pipe over and drilled in some very small holes so that any water can escape.
It’s worth noting that you should use the bend in the pipe to your advantage. The pipe will sit better in the ground with the curve up, so rather than force the pipe into a new shape put your slug bar and drain holes on the outer part of the curve.



I then took the old bin and cut it up using a pair of snips. (Bonus points to anyone who got the joke there!)
I will cut the wire to shape tomorrow when I know where it is going. I don’t want to keep bending it if I can avoid it.

I would have done more today but the pots refused to dry off and then it started raining… *sigh*

I hope to do more tomorrow. While I don’t need the weather to be dry I do need the pots to be dry or the glue to hold the muslin in place just won’t work. I will post again when I get it done.



11 thoughts on “The Bee Nest Project – Pt. 1

    1. Thank you. Me too!
      As I said in the second part I just put up… I’m not ‘expecting’ anything this year as a few queens have been seen out and about already. Yeah, its been that kind of crazy mild this winter.

  1. May have to try this just because! We partner with a great Bee Keeper from AZ. Every spring they come up here with semi’s full of bees (over 600 colonies). We are in a perfect spot for them to work, and they pull the semi’s right into our field work separating and loading to smaller trucks. then they take them out to 5-7 counties out here. Then in the fall, they do the reverse…we get a case of raw honey just for allowing them to do this – oh and a colony of honeybees on our property all summer – wooo hooo! Thanx for sharing and we also love our mason bees!

    1. OMG… That sounds like a LOT of work. O.o

      Do they split hives or do they simply gather up queens when they swarm from the hive?
      Do you find you have local colonies forming even though they take back the colonies they brought in?

      Also…. The nest I use is really for bumblebees… Not honey bees. I’m guessing it’s honey bees you get?

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