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Carrots and Parsnip sowing

This morning is my day off so I decided, seeing as it’s a nice day too, that I would get out in the garden and get my veg plot going.


The main job was to get my carrots and parsnips into the ground. Both are due for planting in Feb according to the packets so on I went.


I started with 3 drills. carrots on the outside and parsnips in the middle. 15cm between the drills and (roughly) 11mm deep. My reasoning for this is that both garlic (You can see it to the right) and onions (That I will sow to the left when I buy sets) will both help deter carrot fly. Parsnips don’t suffer those so they can sit in the middle.
I then scattered seed in the drills and covered them thinly.

I’m going to have to point out that I should NEVER, EVER say that I have gotten out all the bulbs… from an area. *sigh* Those were bulbs that got taken out of the plot this morning.


Once the veg seeds were sown outside I went into the greenhouse to do some more seed sowing in there.


I made up 2 trays and in one went the Livingstone daisies (Mesembryanthemum) and in another went a mix of the Ciliegia Piccante seen here (8 seeds) and the last of the sweet chillies I had over from last year.

With that done I went inside and made a cup of tea. The fix I made on my greenhouse REALLY worked because it was like a sauna in there! O.O





16 thoughts on “Carrots and Parsnip sowing

    1. The packet says 12-14 weeks. That seems to agree with what I wrote down in my pad previously too. That makes it mid may from now.
      That also means I may be able to get a 2nd sowing in before the end of the season.

      And yes… The greenhouse was so warm I had to take layer off when I got in there! Must have been 20+ degrees!

        1. If we get that again this year. It’s been weird so I don’t want to expect anything.
          If we get a good year then awesome. Is not… Meh. This is just a trial anyway.

  1. I didn’t do carrots last year, but found one growing in a pot (I re-use soil, so it had to be me) so stuck it in my raised bed. It got to be about 5ft high and is still out there! Wind battered, slug chewed, but at least I have something green out in that bed! Been frost temps or below here lately, so I think I’ll hold off a bit.

    1. A 5ft Carrot top? O.o
      Are you sure its not a Triffid?! B-D

      Apparently old carrots do really well at producing seed. So if you want seeds you can get them that way… Not got my regrown carrot tops to produce flowers yet so not sure if it actually works.

          1. It’s been so battered and twisted about in the last few months! Being so full of feathery seed stalk it was like a pinwheel the poor thing. I’ve not been out to do a clean up or anything in weeks, it’s been miserable every weekend. And of course, pitch dark when I get home!

            1. I know that one. Dark when you leave for work and dark when you get home! Now that I am switching to nights this may actually be a good thing for me!
              But I think it may surprise you. Some plants can really take a battering and be perfectly fine.

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