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The Repair Job

After getting the bits together last week to fix up my greenhouse. This morning I actually fixed it. The weather was a little more blustery than I would have liked but I knew that if I didn’t do it today then it would be left all week.


So I emptied out the greenhouse and sorted out some of the plants in there at the same time. A couple of plants that I was trying to over-winter didn’t make it and so I took the chance to dump them.


Then I moved it to an open area where I can get all around it without the risk of breaking any bones. I also managed to find something that was a little unnerving… It looks like my rat visitor to the compost bin also found other places to sit. Not good. So a quick fix there and I worked on the greenhouse.


I looped the plastic over the top and let the house side go almost to the floor. I then taped it to both sides and moved it back to the wall. The tape itself was epic… Ok to move for the first minute or so but after that it was almost like welding… Really good.

So then I put the greenhouse back where it was and refilled it. In all it took me about an hour or so and then meant I needed to put my jeans in the wash… Wow was it muddy in there! With luck it will heat up and dry out a little now.

Just in time really as I now need to start sowing my Calendula soon. Not only that but I need to get on with myΒ Carrots and Parsnips… Then will need to go in the ground.

Have a great weekend, guys!


19 thoughts on “The Repair Job

    1. The greenhouse was a hand-me-down from my in-laws. It’s one of these.$ja=cgid:14507206137|tsid:59130|cid:265006737|lid:18283950120|nw:g|crid:73382240337|rnd:17322065219468624429|dvc:c|adp:1o19|kw:&gclid=Cj0KEQiA89u1BRDz8enExq7rvN0BEiQAaFCHm3-LGIDFP41XP2XKCchTRk_zDEofpzmVfkrZbyD7UoMaAhZV8P8HAQ

      Not sure how you could get one in the US. I’m sure there must be a local equivalent?
      On ebay (.com not!)

      Just be really careful and keep them out of the worst of the wind… They can REALLY act like kites at times! B-D

  1. I hope your rat visitor has gone now?!

    And I hope we don’t get the storm that is supposed to be raging down south…

    I’m hoping my calendula will have self-sown from last year. If not, I’ll sort the seeds out towards Easter.

    1. I hope so too. No other signs of him so he may well have. The other issue is that I don’t know how long that has been dug out. Both sides were hidden from casual view.

      I don’t have any calendula in the garden yet. Everyone tells me I have to get some, so I did. B-)

      Add to the storm? How can it get any worse than it has been for the past few weeks?

      1. Marigolds just keep flowering – I only grew them for the first time last year but I would recommend them.

        I think if the rat had been there for a long time, you’d have more than one πŸ˜‰

          1. Really? Last year was so dry I didn’t have any trouble with slugs. I’ve also found that crushed eggshells (lots of them) are great for repelling the slimeys. I even got flowers on my hosta last summer 😊.

            1. See… I didn’t know about egg shells till the end of last year.
              And I had a lot of slugs last year. My Blackbirds were getting fat on them!

              I split my Hosta last year so no flowers. B-(

  2. Now I know how to fix my greenhouse when (not if!) it starts to rip πŸ™‚
    Still need to get it set up, the weather has been so bad I couldn’t face doing it yet.

    1. I really should not have done it yesterday. It was made a LOT more difficult than it should have been.
      Just remember that sometimes, with a rip, you need to tape both inside and out… Just to make sure.

        1. Oh I know that one… Or rather I did. Once my newer greenhouse was up all my windowsills were emptied apart from my Kitchen… I don’t think that will ever be clear! B-)

          1. Last year I took over the spare room (it has since been turned into a gym!?!) so space is getting limited!
            I don’t think the kitchen will ever be cleared with me either, especially since finding out my basil survived until end of Jan there!

            I have a feeling I’ll be getting a second greenhouse before the summer πŸ™‚

            1. Can you have too many greenhouses? O.o


              If my GYO trial works then I will consider turning over more of my flower areas to crops. Not sure my wife will be willing to give up window space!

              1. When you put it like that, I might just find space for a couple more greenhouses!
                My husband couldn’t deal with the spare room being a greenhouse/room, hence turning it into a gym, but he will never take my windowsills πŸ™‚ However, a certain 3 year old Mr Monster might have something to say about that! So I guess the only solution is…. more greenhouses!!

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