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Repairing the greenhouse

It seems that the recent winds have done some damage to the greenhouse I got from my In-Laws. On the side of the roof next to the house wall it seems to have lost some of the squares on the top. Maybe some rubbish has been carried by the winds that did it… I dunno.

So, anyway. I ordered some plastic sheeting and nipped out today to pick up some weatherproof repair tape to secure it with and when the winds drop a bit I will in effect give the greenhouse a new roof. B-)

When I was out this morning (Ok… It was 11:30, but still morning!) I was hoping I could get it done today. But after a few nice hours the wind picked up and that killed that plan.

Tomorrow looks like a halfway decent day… I’m not in work so may have a go early on if I can.


2 thoughts on “Repairing the greenhouse

    1. When I built my own greenhouse it worked rather well. I’m guessing this will follow in the same way.
      I found that you really do have to get a good clean, grease-free surface to stick to though. Yeah… I made the mistake of not cleaning one bit… Barely lasted a week while the other bits lasted a year or so.

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