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A February spring?

Not posted for a bit. Not really had the time or energy. The new job means a whole new set of skills and items to learn. Not only that but we had tests to pass on those skills!

But now we are done and all exams passed. *Wipes brow* Now we get to actually do the job… Which also means a shift in my sleep patterns (I will be working midnight till 8am).

But today was the first day in a while I have managed to get out into the garden for anything more that a mooch around in the twilight to just pick up litter. So with a REALLY bright sun blazing I wandered out for a good look-see at the state of my garden.

The first thing was that, following the standard for this weird winter, lots of spring plants and bulbs are pushing. On the left is one of the wallflowers I took from work last year when they were being thrown out. On the right is the crocus that are all seemingly pushing up multiple flower heads.

Next are the Daffies. On the left are the normal daffs and on the right is my bulb tub with tete-a-tetes, tulips and, yet to show, Montbretia (Crocosmia).

While looking around I noticed that my Osteospermum and Yarrow are really pushing now. Still a little early but not so bad.


The Winter Jasmine is finishing and will need a hard prune this year. I’m thinking of simply taking a hedge trimmer to it and take it back at least a third. Or, if you like, back to the actual fence lattice. I don’t think it needs to be taken down to the base of the fence but just removing the outgrowing stems.

Next is my Ceanothus that has REALLY put on some growth in the last month or so. I know you can’t see in the really bright light but it’s got a really bold green colour. Looking good, hope I get a good show out of it this year.


The last thing is that my grass is actively growing. OMG… It’s Feb 3rd!!! *flips table*


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