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Saturday in the garden

So this week has seen me all but completely abandon my garden. Starting a new job and having such a lot to learn has left me shattered at the end of the day with no drive to do anything but eat, shower and sleep. Today, however, was my first chance to get outside an do something!

I was up and outside by 8am. First things first… Prune the roses. I started with the one that was in most dire need. All the dead, diseased and dying were already gone. All I trimmed to day was the weedy, crossed and the stems that had been damaged over winter. No real weight has been cropped… In fact it turned out to be mainly weedy and crossed stems that went. With only a couple of stems that had taken some damage over winter, and even those I think had been done by kids. >.>

Then there was the other rose. This one had a bit of a shock in store for me. A lot of the mass was taken up by a stem you can’t quite see here, at the back. It was rotten at the base and was only being held up because it was tangled up amongst the other stems. So when that went quite a bit of the plant was gone. B-(
So I trimmed up what was left and I can only hope that the stump at the back doesn’t get infected… It was already rotted so I may lose it.


Good news though… Erm.. Kinda. Spring is here!
When I first saw the dot of yellow I thought it was some litter in the grass so went to pick it up and noticed that it was actually a crocus bloom! B-D

From here I did my last bit of work in the garden… Prune my Cotinus (Smoke Bush).

The plant in the past year has completely gotten out of synch with itself with huge long arms with small leaf clusters on the end. Not good. So with a quick prune I’m hoping for a little less insane growth spurt next year. >.>


And then comes the last… My Amaryllis is finally opening! Yep… The plant that I had hoped would open for Christmas finally puts out in mid bloody January. Seriously. *Sigh*

The flower pod is just splitting open. BTW, the flower stem is leaning because all this week it’s not been turned at all and I only just turned it when I took the pic!

I don’t know if I will get a chance to get another post out next week. It’s going to be another busy week of learning with one day being spent observing in a front line Ambulance. So I doubt I will have the time or energy to do anything. We shall see.




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