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Flowers in space?

Yes, its true… There has been another successful growing of flowers in space. It’s a Zinnia.

While I have to give a HUGE pat on the back for this amazing step… It has to be said that this is NOT the first plant to germinate and flower in space. That was on the Salyut-7 space station in 1982. They grew am Arabidopsis, a plant that gained much interest from the scientific community as a model organism for research on numerous aspects of plant biology. Link for further info. So the best you could say is that its the first purpose grown edible flower?

But what did catch my eye is the greenhouse… Or rather the light source they are using.

It’s pink!!!

These are the kind of experiments that can help not only those going off into space but can also help us here on Earth.

Science…. It’s awesome!


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