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Blackberry Potting

This mornings little bit of work was re-potting the blackberry I was given early on last year. I don’t know what variety it is, but it is a cultivated blackberry rather than a wild one.


The original idea was that I would put it in that tray… But that really didn’t work. I’ll not bother showing you the farce that happened before I gave up and decided to get a bigger tub for it. >.>


The idea was to put it here. It gets the most amount of sunlight during the day. During the summer it will get sun from about 10am to about 8pm. So just what it needs.


So it was potted up and I cleared out the patch of grass so it’s level. I also took the time to level off the soil under the Pieris… I never noticed that was uneven… I’m wondering if it had been lifted when the flooding in the garden happened because I don’t think I would have just plonked it down and walked away.


Anyway… After that I pushed it up against the wall and it was then that I noticed that I may have let one of the runners touch the soil for too long as it had changed the end to a root point. This is how I got this plant, Layering!


Important point to make here. One thing I learned at work… If you want to attach or anchor a plant to a trellis or some kind of structure… Make the anchor point tight and the connector loose. The reason is that the plant stem may well grow a little over time. If you make it too tight you run the risk of either constricting the stem or damaging it.


And now we are done. The stems are all anchored to the wall. With it being in the tub it shouldn’t get out of control and throw runners everywhere. I’m hoping that I won’t have to set up a few lateral wires. This may be something I need to alter later on. We shall see.


10 thoughts on “Blackberry Potting

  1. Hubby, about three years ago, bought me raspberry canes from Aldi. He didn’t realise he’d bought 9 plants, thought it was just 3! They are now steadily taking over our small back garden. I rather wish that I’d put them in pots! I also had terrible rust fungus late in the year, which has attacked my roses, too.

    1. Was it rust or black spot? Black spot is the bane of my life…. Grrr!!!

      Also Raspberries tend to spread like wildfire. Late last year I had 5 stems pushing up… Not sure how many I will have this year. a couple of last years stems have yet to form buds… But that may not be an issue. I may get more new stems this growing season.

      1. I’ve always had a bit of black spot on the roses. But last autumn I found nasty orange powdery goop all over my raspberries – and the roses are close by as I have a small back garden. They have it too, and it is disgusting! I hate using chemicals but the wild blackberries just over the wall are infested, and I can’t do much about that but cut them back (as far as I could reach). I’ll have to do something.

        1. I’ve no real experience with rust. This is an old mining area and so there is a lot of sulphur in the ground. This helps keep rust and black spot down. But of late its being reduced so black spot is returning.

          You may need to snip the leaves and burn them as soon as you see it. Don’t put them in your compost as it just spreads.
          Do you know who owns that land? If its the council get them to deal with it.

  2. Blackberries have very big roots – as I’ve learned from having my own bush. They are also invasive (a bit like rhododendron, as mentioned in your frost post). I’m not sure how much your plant will like being in a pot but at least you won’t end up with bushes all over your lawn!

    1. That is the only way to keep them contained. At work they have a couple of blackberries in pots sunk into the ground.
      I didn’t want to dig out a hole THAT big in order to sink it… Too much like hard work!
      Blackberries are winter hardy though so no worries there.

  3. Maybe I should dig my blackberry bush up and put it in a big pot then…. That said, I never planted mint but that still spread through the holes in the bottom of the pot.

    The pulmonaria might have done the same – could have been seeds travelling but I don’t think I saw my original flower (it’s now gone to a darker, damper home).

    1. I have no idea HOW mint spreads.. I put mine in pots when I plant it and yet I had a couple of self seeds on the other side of the garden. I can only think there were seeds spread.

      The only place I have learned blackberry planting is at work. That is what they did on what they have learned. This is why I started blogging… To find out if I am doing things wrong… Or if, while not “wrong”, others did it in a better way.

      1. Sometimes the right way is simply what works for you. I have found things work just because, although I have got much to learn about plants and all that goes with growing them, so as I learn more there will more successes and fewer failures 🙂

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