Saturday Morning Procrastination

Oh the levels I go to to procrastinate a simple job! Rather than make a list of the seeds I have and note when I need to plant them, I went out Saturday morning and turned over the soil in the veg plot for the final time.

Forked over

The soil was still quite wet so it won’t rake to a fine tilth. I’m hoping that when it dries out a little (HA!) it will break up a bit better.

On a positive point… No more bulbs were found. \o/
Also… My blackbird friend visited and seems pleased with my work but I also got a booboo… B-(






6 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Procrastination

  1. Where are you exactly?? Thought your weather was like here…..
    ( here its 5 below, snowing and frezing Cold…my balcony still in blankets! )
    But I will however soon begin to presaw some chilli, onions I Think! In my kitchen window! )

    1. I’m in Yorkshire, UK (If you Google “Leeds” I’m a tiny bit south of that)
      This morning was the first actual frost we have had this winter.
      As I sit here it’s only 2C… Yes its chilly but that’s it. And it will be up to about 5C by lunchtime.

        1. Are you kidding… I’m actually having to hold off planting!

          I have plants pushing buds out already… I’m more scared that a late frost is going to come and kill off all this oh-so-far-too-early growth we are seeing.
          This weather we are having now is spring weather!

          So very annoying! B-)

            1. Some plants also spend their time during winter putting out root structures rather than leaves.

              Seeing as our “winter” is actually November to Mar I shouldn’t really complain so much… Also here in the UK we dn’t get anything like your winters. If we do its a freak occurrence…. Yeah… I’m looking at you 2010! *fake rage!*

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