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Veg Planting plan

So I finally stopped procrastinating and made a calender for what veggies to plant and when.

Sow Harvest
Amsterdam 3
Feb – June May – Oct
Feb – May Sept – Mar
Sweet Pepper
Salad Mix
Mar – Apr July – Oct
Apr – June August Onwards
Apr – June Jan Onwards
Kelvedon Wonder
May – June June – Oct
May – June August Onwards
Winter Onion Aug – Sept June Onwards

Note that this list doesn’t count in the Potatoes, Sweet potatoes, Onions, tomatoes and leaf.

Potatoes and onion sets I will buy from the local garden centre. I don’t think I will gain anything from growing my own unless this small set I am growing works out as easy as I was told.

Sweet potatoes I’m hoping I can get some slips from my potato. If not then stuff it. Maybe I can buy some.

Leaf (Spinach) I will probably grow from plug plants. Yeah… Lazy. >.>


The only thing I can see I am missing is radish, cucumber and tomato seeds. I didn’t think to get any. If I don’t get any seeds I can always buy some plug plants as a last resort.

We don’t eat radish or beans, which are standard GYO crops. Did I miss anything else obvious?


4 thoughts on “Veg Planting plan

      1. I’m looking at starting a new herb garden and the question I have been asking myself is “What do I buy from the Supermarket?” You can’t beat a bit of fresh basil in your Summer salads and if you fancy trying to make your own stuffing for a Sunday roast, get some sage in. Do you eat fish? Get some Parsley in to make your own sauce too!!! And then there’s always mint, just because it’s mint!!

        1. I have 2 types of mint… Spearmint and a tangerine mint… No idea what kind that is. I don’t use herbs much… Its spices mainly for us.
          I may try Sage… Maybe some coriander… But beyond that it’s really just a mixed herb pot we use.

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