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Planting chillies

This morning, after getting annoyed that it was raining again, I decided to do a quick check on when my seeds needed to be planted. Yeah… I have yet to actually make a list on that…
Note to self; Make a note to do it (Or just bloody do it, lad!) >.>


Anyway… It appears that my Cherry chillies can be started in January! Ok… These are for keeping in the greenhouse or indoors so the outside weather isn’t much of an issue as long as it doesn’t freeze!


So I planted up 4 seeds. These are fairly hot and I want to keep some space for capsicums so 4 plants should do. To be honest I don’t think we will be keeping many of these. The most of them will probably be going to one of our friends who likes hotter chillies in her food!

And now that the rain seems to have stopped I’m going to go do something outside…. And procrastinate about making a note of the planting times for my seeds.

Have a great weekend, people! B-)




21 thoughts on “Planting chillies

  1. B-)

    They should do if they are hardy plants. I have been learning about winter fleece for plants in harsher climates. Rugs should be fine.

    Could you bring them inside at all if it gets REALLY bad?

    1. Its a bit nippy… But I can live with that.

      Yeah. I finally got myself together and made a start. Obviously not everything can be started yet… But the stuff that will be kept indoors, or in the greenhouse, should be fine.

      I saw your post on the PDC. Are you happy with it so far?

      1. It depends what you want to get out of it, I think. The people, both tutors and participants, are really nice. I’m also getting to fill in some gaps in my knowledge and getting new perspectives. Detailed designs aren’t my thing, though, so I’m not sure about the last two weekends, which will be dedicated to a real design.

        1. You are not going to like EVERY part of the course. But as long as you can learn principles I don’t see the issue. Specific planning should really come AFTER principle learning… Well… That’s what I would have thought. But what do I know! B-D

          1. Thank you for your kind words 🙂

            We did the principles yesterday, so I don’t know if they will specifically be revisited or what will be looking at instead. For our homework (making a base map), I don’t think we are taking principles into account directly. But maybe that is what we will be working on next month?

            1. I dunno. Are you learning from textbooks at all? Something that you can draw from later on I mean… For reference.

              All that I am learning is from youtube and Google! Not easy at all!

              1. I’ve read quite a lot of books, some of which I bought, so I can easily refer back to them, yes. Google and YouTube are not quite so user friendly – ultimately, I think that goes for most stuff, not just permaculture 😉

                1. I like the visual help…. Do this (watch the person do it) then this, then this… yada yada yada…

                  That is so much more helpful to me for learning. A dry text book tends to not get to me the same way. If I do it that way I tend to screw it up the first few times till I learn what I did wrong.

      2. I found last year that my plastic greenhouse wasn’t warm enough for stuff to germinate. However, the chillies did really well over the summer and seemed to have fewer problems with aphids. On the other hand, that might have been because of the nettles that were also growing in there!

        If only we knew when it was going to warm up so we could start at the right time…..

        1. Yep… I was told to start chillies and tomatoes in the house THEN transfer them to the greenhouse when it warms up… The only way to get around that is to heat your greenhouse yourself. No way can I do that… I can’t afford to heat it! B-)

            1. If you have a glass house (Rather than a poly tunnel or plastic one) then you really can heat it up!

              The chap I used to work with had a 10 x 6ft glass house that he heated with a kerosene keater. His cucumbers and peppers were AMAZING!

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