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Tiny project time!

With my old greenhouse coming down I had a fair bit of wood hanging around. So I decided to use some of it to make a workbench for the new greenhouse.

I took all the worse bits, the bits with the broken or rotted ends, and cut them up and made a plan of a rough workbench. BTW… It’s times like this that I wish I had a Jigsaw… >.>

A few years ago the minion’s school was throwing out some old trays and I took a few for using in my garden. The only problem was that they are a little bigger than a normal tray so they never quite fitted anywhere. So this time I decided that I would make the bench fit the trays!


This is the completed bench. The trays will slide in the space meaning that, if I want to, I can grow something from the ground if needed. I can also put some slats on top if I want to  use some smaller trays. It’s also worth noting here that a normal tray will sit inside one of those trays.


Here it is inside the greenhouse. Not bad for a couple hours work, eh? B-)


8 thoughts on “Tiny project time!

    1. Well. I was originally using the tray to put it under pots when working on them so I can catch any spilt soil. That was the idea of getting them in the first place. It works well too.

      I wonder if I could get a piece of mesh and make a riddle for it…

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