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Greenhouse construction

Just before new year my in-laws came up to visit and with them they brought their old greenhouse. They had just bought a new aluminium one and no longer needed it and offered it to me. Thank you so-very-much, says I! B-)

I actually got the bits out and started building it on new years eve… About 8pm to be honest, yeah… I know how to rock in the new year! I thought at the time that a bit was missing… Oh noes!


Most of new years day was spent out in the garden. I took out all the plants from my old greenhouse along with all the pots and stuff that I keep in there and moved the old frame out of the way.


Now that the area is clear I put together the frame I partially made up the previous evening and brought to check the area of grass I would need to cut.


So I went to work with the spade. I cut the turf and lifted it. I dumped it into my compost bin (Grass side down) to break down and put the amazing amount of worms that I pulled up with the turf to good use. I then raked the soil to get it more or less level.


When I went to put the cover on the frame it was then that I found out that I am a moron.
The previous night, when putting it together, I thought that I had one piece missing, maybe it was in the bag with the cover? No. When I put the cover over the frame it simply wasn’t even close to fitting. I then noticed that I had mixed up the short poles with the long ones! ARGH!
I took the frame apart and put it back replacing long for short… Amazingly enough, not only did I not have a missing piece, but the cover fit! YAY!

So now the cover is on and placed in its plot.

I then tucked the bottom rim under and pinned it into the ground with the pegs. At some point I may get some bigger (longer) tent pegs and stake it down deeper.


Then came the clear up. I stripped the old frame of the plastic and broke the wood down. A fair bit of the wood that was touching the ground has started to rot, but over about 2″ its fine. I did have a few issues though and so not all of the wood is reusable. Yeah… I broke some of it bringing out screws… *sigh*
I also managed to keep the door in one piece. At some point I may build a cloche and that will do well as the lid if I do.

So now we are all cleared up and the greenhouse is done! The grass is a real mess though!


I also have to note the huge amount of worms I brought up. I had a female blackbird that kept coming back into the garden. She was oh so very bold, coming up very close to me as I worked around in the garden. In the above image you can see just how close she was to me! She was no more than 6ft from me and showed no fear at all. I did keep my distance though. I didn’t want to scare her.

So thank you to my in-laws for the greenhouse. It’s going to come in handy! B-)




18 thoughts on “Greenhouse construction

  1. good luck with it – I’ve got a thing a bit like that and found that the ground pegs were useless in a high wind – I needed to secure it to something solid (a tree in my case) with rope as well. So it’s still standing but the cover has ripped – on my to do list to try and find a replacement

    1. My old self built greenhouse was anchored to the wall with 4×6″ lightning bolts. It never moved at all but the plastic gave up. With this new one I’m thinking of using extra long pegs driven into the ground and then looped over the top and anchored directly to the wall. If I do it close enough to the uprights I may be able to deal with both horizontal and vertical movement.

      If that isn’t possible I may use 2ft ground spikes driven down on the inside to tie to the frame.
      Its been blustery over the past couple of days… It’s not moved to any degree yet!

    1. I’ll go have a look in a bit.
      I’m hoping it will get used a bit more than just for getting seedlings going. I have some wood so I may make a couple of extra shelves for putting stuff on. Some of the floor space I may use for growing thing directly into the ground.

    1. I’m feeling more than a little inadequate! B-D

      Not to worry. It’s not the size, it’s what you do with it! >.o

      If it gets me some peppers and my seedlings going I’ll be more than happy!

        1. O.o

          We could do with it being a little colder. It’s royally screwing up the growth patterns. My daffies are already pushing up! >.<

          But on the other hand if we get harsh frosts and snow now it might damage any new growth we have already pushing.

  2. I think your new greenhouse is bigger than the last, right? I hope you can find a way of keeping it sturdy and preventing the plastic from ripping, as it looks like it has a good amount of space inside – and you can walk in 🙂

      1. The fact that the greenhouse is up against a wall might help. It doesn’t seem as tall as the one I had trouble with last year and the fact that it has pegs to hold it could make a difference. I was holding mine down with bricks, which meant there was less give. The upshot of this was a torn cover and broken joints/poles 😦

        1. Its 6ft tall. Not too big. But it may still act like a kite in strong winds. And tucking the cover under the bottom and pegging that down inside is something I learned from camping in tents.

          It also doesn’t have any guy ropes. When i googled it to see about a replacement cover all the pics have new versions with ropes… I’m not sure what to think now. >.>

          1. Suck and see – at least you have a cover. If it lasts, great – if not, you know there are alternatives.. You are right about the wind getting in but it depends also how sheltered the spot is. Fingers crossed for calmer weather.

            1. Worst thing….It only lasts a season… It still lasted a season. If it works then I will look to improving it next season.

              I can always rope and stake it from the inside if needed.

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