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Sleeping on a bed to build

But, Kal… That makes no sense, don’t you mean “Building a bed to sleep on?”…Eeeeerm… Kinda. One thing I often do during the winter is plan island beds. I have been doing it for years now. Yeah, I’m just that sad. B-)

I have a large lawn area in my garden and it’s never used, all I ever do is mow it and ignore it. Once I have pulled out the borders from the edge it might be nice to also eat up some space with an island bed.

20151213_112902 1

So with that in mind I planned this bed. Where it will go is either of the two possibilities above. Both are in full sun and the soil will need improving because all there has ever been there is grass.

Now, below is is what I think I would like to see. As far as I can tell all these plants will work together. The colouring doesn’t clash so much as compliment and, because most are perennial, will give a certain amount of guarantee that they will still be there in a few years.

island bed plan
Don’t laugh, my art skills are awesome

1 – Alyssum (white),
2 – Ophiopogon planiscapus Nigrescens
3 – Verbena bonariensis
4 – Setcreasea pallida
5 – Salvia farinacea
(Other suggestions would be appreciated!)

Throughout this there will be bulbs planted, both spring and autumn. Spring will mainly be Alliums and Tulips. Autumn will be possibly Gladioli and Nerine bowdenii.

Now, before you and I get carried away… This is not likely to happen in one year. All these plants are going to be bloody expensive to get! About the only way I could do it is to pick them up as and when I see them on a cheap deal.
Bulbs will be easier as you can buy them at the end of the growing season when shops want to clear their stock, but you have to have a bit of luck here.
For the plants I will probably need to maybe buy one plant, grow it, divide it and hope. Or maybe get cuttings or divided specimens from others.

The other thing is that I’m not entirely sure how big to make the bed. I was thinking of about 2m in diameter? That would allow a fair area to plant in but not so big that I would need to get a million plants to fill it.

If anyone has ever done this I would appreciate recommendations and suggestions!


24 thoughts on “Sleeping on a bed to build

    1. The lawn is ok… A bit anaemic but ok. Its just something to fill in the gap and keep me from getting in trouble with the landlord! B-)

      But yes. An island of colour might be a nice change.

    1. No… The lid has to be able to be seen and accessible from the road and if I cover it it counts as ‘Hiding’ it.

      I wanted to put a simple decking square over it but they said ‘No’. *shrug* Some rules are just silly. >.>

    1. I thought of that. But we have kids who like climbing fences and our garden has easy access to the road. I will wake up one morning to find it either gone or damaged.
      Yeah, we live in that kind of area. B-(

        1. I don’t cook with too many herbs to be honest. Chives and Rosemary seem to do the donkey work… I suppose I could stretch to a little sage and Bay on occasion. The rest is spices.

          I’m not a very adventurous cook I have to admit.

  1. Hi Kal, if you haven’t tried them already can I suggest you think of perennial salvias for your bed? Some are just about hardy (‘Nachtvlinder’ is a lovely dark purple one), others are tender but dramatic ( eg S. leucantha and S.semi-atrata) but they are almost all REALLY easy to strike cuttings from, so you only need to buy one plant early in the season & take cuttings immediately, great for filling spaces cheaply and for doing swapsies with other gardeners! Young plants can be overwintered on windowsills & planted out after frosts have gone. They flower mainly from midsummer to the first frosts.

    1. That’s an awesome idea. Thank you.

      I picked Salvia farinacea as a centre piece because it’s a tall, hardy perennial and doesn’t need too much care. Occasional splitting in Autumn is generally it. But I do like that purple colouring.

      The Salvia semiatrata is very good though… The fuzzy leaves give a great texture.

      This is why I never actually MAKE the beds… So many ideas… So many conflicting colours!

      I wonder if I could have ALL the land so I can plant ALL the plants! B-)

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