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Stuff… And ‘That moment when’

Now that Christmas is over, here in the UK we have what is known as the Boxing Day sales. So off we went at stupid o’clock this morning to go see if there were any bargains to be had.

Nothing much in the shopping centre we went to. The wife got a few small things, so then we nipped over to B&Q to see if they had anything of any note.


My first stop was the ‘Rescue Me’ area. This is generally my first stop in ANY garden centre or shop that sells plants. Homebase is really good for their Rescue Me shelf because the people that work there generally haven’t got a clue about plants and so anything that even LOOKS like it’s on the way out gets put there. Most are still good, they just need a trim and a good water or moved into/out of the sun. Well worth a look if you know how to look after a plant!

I did see a Skimmia that looked good, but at a tenner for such a small specimen I was a bit… Nah, too rich for me.


We picked up a tiny Christmas tree. It came with a free LEGO Christmas tree and it was only £7.50 (Half price). Not bad at all. The idea is that we can keep it outside, in a pot through the summer this year and bring it back inside next Christmas.

And then the other things today.


First off. In the above image… My Onions are sprouting! I planted a bunch of onion seeds in the hopes of getting some onion sets that I can plant out later. This was an old packet of seeds, not the ones I bought earlier this year. Those will be planted later on to get sets for NEXT year.

And then there was my ‘That moment when’.

Looking in the veg area-to-be and I found this. How typical is it that I missed a clump of… I’m going to guess it’s a Tulip? I carefully dug it up, with the clump of soil, and moved it to another area, luckily the ground is sodden so it should settle in fine.

But seriously… There are 4 bulbs in there. I must have been blind! >.<



13 thoughts on “Stuff… And ‘That moment when’

        1. Maybe they are playing a game… they KNOW that people come out looking for Christmas deals and hiked the prices…

          Which is a shame because the best time of year to buy Christmas stuff is just after Christmas! B-)

            1. Thank you! B-)

              Yeah. Most shops like that don’t actually have staff that know about plants. But then they have such a turn over of stock that its not often such an issue.

              But then you just happen by and pick up a real bargain that shouldn’t really be there!

  1. We had a Christmas tree in a pot which moved in and out of the house. Now it’s been planted as it got a bit big – it also didn’t really like being inside. Maybe next year we’ll splash out on some outdoor lights for it 😉

    Good to hear you are having success with your onions…

    We didn’t go anywhere near a place that sells plants yesterday but at Xscape we got half price snow boots (to keep out tootsies dry!).

    1. We were at Xscape. We only live a few mins from it. B-)

      I’m hoping that it will be a slow grower so we can continue bringing it in and out for a few years! I know they can get bloody heavy!

      I believe you have to keep them extra watered when they are moved indoors.

      1. Yes, you need to water them a lot and only bring them in just before Christmas, otherwise they start turning brown. They don’t like central heating at all.

        Re Xscape, I had thought about going to B&Q but decided I’d already spent enough money elsewhere….

        1. I suppose I could leave it in the Library as that is cooler than the front room, it also gets the sun.

          And you didn’t miss anything at B&Q… They didn’t have any real deals.

  2. Glad there are other people that make a beeline for the rescue plants – I have got all sorts of glorious things from the dead plants section of our local -let’s keep it nameless – DIY store. Often the price is worth it just for the pot, even if the plant is rather past it. And that Christmas tree was worth it for the lego alone!

    1. Oh yes!
      I’ve had all sorts of plants that were fine. Just a broken pot and a couple of snapped branches (My white Spirea for example). I got it home, repotted it and gave it a drink and it bounced back. Very nice. B-)

      The biggest one is lack of water. They just turn a hose on the plants twice a day and that’s it. Not the best idea for many plants.

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