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‘Tis the season to be….Concerned

I honestly didn’t have a blog post set for today. That was until I went for a little walk outside into the garden to pick up any errant litter that had blown in and to have a mooch around to see what was what, as I often do of a morning.

I found that *ahem* too many of my bulbs are pushing up… It’s FAR too early! Here in Yorkshire we have only really had one hard frost so far and we are in mid December! It’s just too warm and I am an really starting to worry about what will happen if we do have a cold snap and… Well… I don’t want to lose my spring bulbs!


This morning I found Hyacinths, Tulips and daffies all pushing. Also… This, whatever it is… Possibly Glory of the snow? Even my bulb pot is showing and if that gets a frost too late then its done for.

Weeds are also taking advantage of the warm, damp weather and getting a head start. Normally I would just go in with a hoe and give the ground a tickle, but I can’t because of all the bulbs pushing up, I’m scared to take the tips off the plants I can’t see just under the soil level.

So, for now I am pricking weeds by hand when they are big enough. Is an actual winter too much to ask for?


On another note… My Venus fly trap has put out another flower spike. With luck it won’t be the same as the last one and need staking. A few people suggest cutting the spike off, as allowing it to grow can weaken the plant a lot, and with mine not looking so hot this year, I may take this advice. Last year it lost a lot of ground after flowering, although it did set a second plantlet.

If anyone has a Fly trap and has a suggestion… Answers on a postcard please. B-)




9 thoughts on “‘Tis the season to be….Concerned

    1. I guessed. B-)

      The quick and easy answer is that I don’t have any to use and no money to go get… And in all honesty I’m not *entirely* sure where to buy it. O.o

      I think this is something I should get a stock of. This and winter fleece. I don’t own any because I have never had a need for it. I’m guessing I may well do in the future! B-)

  1. I have no answers but can offer sympathy and empathy. Here in Southeastern Pennsylvania we have had temperatures in the sixties daily for most of November and December and plants and wildlife alike are quite confused indeed. In fact it may be 70 degrees here Christmas Eve when, while we usually don’t get heavy snow until January, certainly don’t expect the temperature to be more than 40 degrees each day. I would suspect Lorraine is correct and any material with “breath” will help you out.

    1. The weather tomorrow is slated to be 14c…
      OMG… 14 degrees?! O.o

      Yes, we tend to not have any actual ‘winter’ weather till January/February, but even so. Its normally colder than this.

      If we do get a cold snap I will have to go get something. I don’t want a repeat of this years late frosts and the plants all being held back.

  2. It’s true, December in the UK this year has just been bizarre I mean, if it wasn’t for all the Christmas decorations, I would swear it was the end of February. I would definitely invest in some breathable fabric, one of those things that once you have some, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it

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