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Wondering border lines?



I have been looking out of my window a fair bit over the last couple of days and looking at certain plants in my garden, but probably not for the reasons you are thinking.

During the summer, back when the sun was shining and I was cutting the grass, I kept having to mow under a couple of shrubs and it really annoyed me that I would catch the bottom fronds and damage them or catch my arm against the branches.


Now if you look at the pic above you can see that I seem to love straight lines. I feel that I may need to break up those straight lines and put in a few curves to allow certain plants to grow without my having to damage them to keep my grass cut and the border lines clean.

My issue is that I feel curves don’t look so good on grass. Curves are great in certain places but breaking my borders? I’m not sure!

I also feel I need to pull the border out a bit more. Some areas just don’t have any space to grow anything. I don’t want anything like this, but more like this or this (But with a bit more room). My borders at the moment are only 2ft (60cm) wide. With 2 plants in that space the front plant has to be small or it will overhang the grass.


This is a very rough plan of the areas I will cut out. Yeah… My photoshop skills are epic. >.>

If anyone has any suggestions or has done this, please let me know. If I do this then don’t worry, I will lay down hosepipes to mark off lines first! I learned that fun fact when I originally cut the border back in 2009!


6 thoughts on “Wondering border lines?

    1. So…. What…3ft in places?
      I’m thinking of almost a lazy scalloped edge… Not following a straight line so some parts are not going to be 3ft and some may be more. Does that sound silly?

      1. No, not at all if you’re going to plant perennials and even small shrubs. I went too narrow with my first borders and underestimated how large things would get. 3′ minimum and then wider to make scallops and curves isn’t too much, in my opinion. The other thing I always keep in mind is to make the curves large and sweeping. Think about radii that are going to be easy to mow.

        1. Yes, I think I understand.

          If you look at ^^that pic ^^… That is the kind of wandering edge I was thinking of. long lazy waves that will wander in and out.
          And to be honest I am so used to mowing the most awkward gardens I think I could mow a postage stamp and not loose too much off the corner.
          Not that I am bitter or anything! B-)

  1. My old garden had 2 foot borders all around the lawn, which I thought initially were ample, but once a decent sized perennial has reached it’s third of fourth year, it became apparent that this just wasn’t enough room and I was constantly either having to trim a plant back or catch it with the mower. I agree with the comment above that you should always make your borders wider than you think you are going to need and I don’t think 3 foot is excessive at all. I am a HUGE fan of straight lines (OCD), but can also appreciate the merits and free flowing lines of a curved garden. Your front patch is big enough for you to increase your borders by at least one foot all the way around – do it!!

    1. Ok… So overwhelming advice is to do it.

      At some point soon I will lay down a hosepipe and take a few photos and see what’s what first.
      Only when I am happy will I cut.

      God knows you can’t fix a cut once its done!


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