Using the WordPress Reader

I’m guessing that many of you reading this are either bloggers, readers or both. But, a question if you don’t mind. What keywords do you use?

I’m not interested in many subjects and the “Discover” list has, so far, not brought up anything pertinent to me. But I do have a #Tags list that I wander through.

So far I have :
Bees, Cacti, gardening, horticulture, permaculture, plants and finally succulents.

Now obviously my tag list is really rather restrictive. It’s all about plants, gardens and gardening. I’m not really interested in blogs on politics or music or… Well.

TL;DR. The point of this post.

Can anyone recommend other tags I may want to follow?

Thank you.
*Wanders off to put the kettle on*





12 thoughts on “Using the WordPress Reader

  1. I have been on WordPress two separate times in my blogging history and that remains one of the great mysteries. I will comment on what Tags to use as well as explore. I do searches for specific and generic topics alike but I don’t know how many folks do. Obviously if you are interested in seeing what Tags are the most popular being used you examine the Tag Cloud when exploring Tags. The larger the word the more posts using it. That of course also means more competition and sifting through for a reader’s attention. The folks who do Gardening related posts can certainly get specific as to what works for them but don’t hesitate to search and add more generic broad Tags such as Life, Thoughts, Nature, Beauty, etc. It can’t hurt. People have found me in the more-used generic Tags as much as the very specific ones..and I have found people in the same way…in Tags you may find large to look through or not directly relating to your interest. On the subject of being discovered I would also add commenting on other Gardening authors’ work of course. That’s how I found my way to your blog, via another Gardening blog you liked and/or commented upon.

  2. Nature is a good tag…I’ll add that.

    I don’t think I know what a tag cloud is… But google will. B-)

    I have noticed that when commenting and interacting with others on a blog you meet new people, and that’s great, But not everyone talks on a set subject. Many people talk about a multitude of interests and about general life. And that’s fine for them, don’t get me wrong.

    I’m also more looking for others to learn *from* rather than getting my name out there. I’m using the blog as much to learn from others as I am blogging about my own learning journey.

    I’m reading a few blogs where people are experimenting with permaculture and that is brilliant. I fond that more interesting and entertaining as simply reading a book!

    But thank you. I’ll go look for the tag cloud right now! B-)

  3. FWIW I don’t use the WordPress reader but use Feedly instead. To find other blogs of interest, I check out the likers and commentors on the blogs I already follow I check them out for a while and add them to that. I’m pretty sure that’s how I found your blog.

    1. Ah… So that is what Feedly is! I see it on my stats page as a referrer but I had no clue what it was. I just thought it was the reader or something giving random ‘Here, look at this’ links! >.<

      Do you use Tags in Feedly?
      Thanks for this.

      1. No I just load the blogs I want to follow into my Feedly list. It’s what I switched to when the Google reader disappeared. It allows me to aggregate all my reading in one place without limiting myself to wordpress blogs. I just use tags in my own blog to find my posts on a topic. Hadn’t really thought about them being used by other people to find my posts. Maybe I should!

            1. Sorry. Poor choice of words on my part.
              I meant it’s not the tags I would have expected to look for to find a blog on gardening. Sorry about the confusion. Senior moment!

    1. That’s pretty much what I did when I started. I literally just looked for what I wanted. Now I expanded my tags to a few others. #GYO and #GrowYourOwn is another.
      One problem that I have is that some bloggers will either use wildly inappropriate tags or no tags at all! *sigh*

      BTW I have to look up what “locavore” means, I have never heard of it!

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