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Another Tour

Last time it was only the back of my house and the veg plot. This one covers the much bigger front garden and lawn area.

In this vid I keep mentioning Selecio cineraria…. No… It’s Senecio cineraria.

While talking about the Sedum I mention a green plant that grows tall and has yellow flower spikes. That flower is Lysimachia punctata (AKA Loosestrife)

I really meant to mention the areas that I wanted to cut out of the lawn to expand the borders. I had to stop and re-record this 3 times because of cars and kids going past. Normally this time of day is rather quiet… *sigh*


16 thoughts on “Another Tour

  1. Your front garden is HUGE!!!! Lovely to see such a nice variety of shrubs in a range of colours. Mum’s Gazania’s are just about holding on too although I think if we were to have a frost (can’t remember what one of these actually is!) it would finish them off.

    1. The worst part of having a garden that big is that I can’t actually use it. Kids play in the cul-de-sac we live in and balls are CONSTANTLY going over the fence. Then the little beggars jump over the fence rather than come through the gate. I have lost so many bedding plants because of that. B-(

      I want to get some echinacea for the front. I bet it would do well there. And a splash of purple would go down well! B-)

        1. I have been thinking of late of cutting a circle in the middle somewhere and planting a few smaller things.
          Something like this.

          But without a tree (We are not allowed trees in our tenancy agreement)

  2. I had no idea Rosemary grew that big. I bought the wrong kind with the long needles. It was called “Bar-B-Que Rosemary, I suppose you use it to paint on the BBQ Sauce when grilling? I wanted the traditional kind but couldn’t find any at the nursery.

    1. My Gran had a rosemary bush that was practically a tree!
      And yes… You cut a sprig and leave it on the meat when cooking. The flavour will soak in. You can also throw the springs into the coals to get a smoky scent afterward

    1. It’s the lid to a sewer. Our village is on a hill, quite a steep one, and a LOT of water comes down, without the drains all the gardens in the bottom bit would flood in minutes. And yeah, I can’t plant near it or cover it in any way. It needs access and easily found.

      1. Too bad they won’t let you hide it with something. Here in America a large town or city has sewer lids right in the streets. In the country we have septic systems and the grass doesn’t grown very well over them.

        1. The problem is that the sewer line goes right under my garden into my next door neighbours and then links up with a stream out the back of our gardens.

          I COULD hide it but I would have to make it so you could tell that was where the access was and make sure that access could be had at a moments notice.
          I know of a few people that have put decking with a trap door over the top. But that’s about as good as you can get.

          1. OH well.. Our whole back yard has a septic tank and drainage field under it. Our front yard has a connection to town water under the ground but they put the water pipe lid so close to the road we have to be careful not to drive over it.

            1. Over here it’s a little different. We don’t own the pipes but they must have access to them and because the water system is so old its all weird. We have stop taps just on the other side of our boundary wall for the whole cul-de-sac. We had a leak on that line and they….Well. It was a shit-storm of stupidity.
              I swear I hope other villages aren’t built like ours!

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