A tour around my garden

This is a tour of my back garden.
In this vid I will be walking around and showing you what plants I have.

This is my first Vlog like this so I really do need to work on how to talk on camera!

There was one issue… Just after the pond bit I described the Centaurea atropurpurea and then called the next one a (Senecio) cineraria… No.. It’s also a Centaurea!  ARGH!
If I work out how to do annotations on screen then I’ll make one. *Sigh*
It’s all a learning curve!

Oh… And what you can hear in the background is the kids at the local school. I didn’t think the noise would be picked up by the microphone on the camera so I never mentioned it!!



16 thoughts on “A tour around my garden

    1. Thank you!
      The white lavender cuttings were taken from work. It was very pretty!
      It also had a stronger smell. Not sure if that is linked though!

      BTW… I thought I already replied to this?… Apparently not.

  1. Nice garden! The Foxglove was impressive! Do your tulips usually pop up in December? For that matter ours probably are too with this uncommonly warm weather we are having. (By the way you did a nice job with the video!)

  2. I loved the Vlog idea. Very cool concept for a garden and gardening projects and it shall obviously serve as a helpful “before” image to compare and share “after” the next growing season.

    1. Thank you!
      Its actually quite a common idea around here. Most gardens are ‘border’ gardens.

      My biggest issue is that my borders are actually quite small! I really do need to pull them out a little.

      But as to your other point… Yes. I do intend to do another one, maybe mid summer, when everything is in flower and then again at the end of the year to show 12 months of work.

      We shall see! B-)

  3. I agree with the previous comments; you’re walk around has a nice natural feel to it, as though you are just having a conversation with the viewer. Some of the more ‘manufactured’ videos seem to come across as more dictatorial which I find off putting. With regards to the Muscari – how on earth have you managed to keep them in such tight little mounds as the ones I inherited just ran a muck??

    1. Thank you.
      I’ve did a vid like this during the summer but got so scared of how people would react to it that I just dumped it.
      I’m not very forward in things like this so its nice to know I didn’t totally fall flat on my face!

      As to the Muscari? I only planted 2 or 3 bulbs in a ‘pod’ and then left a large gap. Not only that but mine are only a few years old.
      I’m guessing you didn’t put yours in, so it may well be that yours have been naturalised over a few years. Mine will do that eventually too… Unless I rein them in!

        1. This is why people should be careful when planting them. They are wonderful in clumps but can quickly get out of control.
          When I was at the council one of our autumn jobs was to lift all the crocosmia (Another invasive plant) and take out about half the bulbs and replant them, all to control the numbers.

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