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Potting up the onions

A quick update on my onion growing/recycling.

After being reminded about my onions by a comment to another person in the original post. I thought it would be good to take a look.

It’s now been a week since my first post on it and the original two onions now have definite roots and you can now clearly see the growing points. So I decided to pot them up. I hope I’m not doing this too early!

I got together some compost (and even mixed in some of my recycled polystyrene!) and put them in a couple of used take-away trays I kept. From there I put in the 4 of the onions that had roots.


I still have one onion bottom growing roots and in time I will be getting more. I’m going to be adding more onions to the tubs after I get them and they grow roots. I hope to have a fairly steady stream of onions on the go.


So now the tubs are watered and on the windowsill for them to start to grow. Once they split a little and become obvious sets I will move them apart and maybe move them into actual growing trays…. Maybe. B-)


4 thoughts on “Potting up the onions

    1. Only a second? HAHAHAHA!!!!

      So far I have the windowsill in the computer room, the daughters bedroom, the top of the landing, the library and the kitchen. All have something on them!

      The wife is accepting but she will probably raise an eyebrow if I put something in the bedroom or the frontroom (But they are North facing so no point!)


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