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New leaves: A happy moment

It’s been a ‘thing’ for me for a while that I like seeing new growth on plants. 12432839063_7d0ab5d4ca_o
Buds are just hope. They are great to see, they show promise of emergence and that the plant is full of energy and raring to go. But until they sprout you don’t have anything. Bulbs and seeds are the same. The possibility is there but until they sprout you just have potential.
So many things could go wrong and stop it in its tracks.


So, for me it’s when the buds burst or the seeds sprout. When the leaf is there in front of you, that is when I am happy.

This is why I have to say that Spring is my favourite time of the year. The buds show promise and then they burst open and everything just gets that little bit more awesome. B-)




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