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B&Q haul and recycling onions


Ok… Not really a haul.

I went to B&Q today and spent my £10 gift card I got from the guys at work as my leaving pressie.

I got a white flowering Christmas Cacti (Schlumbergera truncata), a roll of garden twine and a selection of seeds for next year. I only wanted veggie seeds but when they didn’t have much to choose from the wife and minion picked the two flowers!

The seeds are Parsnip, carrots and a Squash. I’ll be buying seed potatoes and onion sets in the new year.

Speaking of onions… I saw this post on another blog about how to recycle onions and decided to have a go for giggles. So far the results are positive. After only 24 hours I already have roots showing.

If it goes as I think, I should get one onion growing from each of the 3 growth spots you can see above. These will form sets which I can grow next year. This way I can eat onions and also set aside the ability to grow new onions next year…. Erm… If it works! B-)


14 thoughts on “B&Q haul and recycling onions

    1. Does the carrot top trick work too? Can I grow those in water to get roots and then transfer to soil?

      Which reminds me I need to put my now rooted onions in soil…. B-)

          1. I use the packaged carrots. A few will be cut too short but many will resprout. I kinda check through the plastic when I buy. If the carrot is huge, slice the bottom in quarters and get 4 roots. I always eat them as small carrots but imaginethey will get big. They do well Iin winter in a deep pot in my kitchen window.

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