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Tiny update!

I went outside to pick up some rubbish and have a mooch around the garden and pull up all the bittercress I missed or has regrown and I decided to have a look at what my Garlic was doing…. Well blow me down!


Look-it!!! So proud!
In all I think all but one is showing already. It could be that the last one is just a little slower or I had planted it a little deeper… But whatever, 10 cloves are showing so if I lost one I have still done well!


Also, I decided to have a go at growing sweet potatoes. According to this blog post it’s easy enough. The type we have is ‘Covington‘. We got the Organic type so I have hopes, but as normal I will treat this as a test and won’t be upset if it fails.

I’m using this specimen to grow slips and from there plant outside, maybe in the ground, maybe in a pot. At this point I’m not going to make a decision.


14 thoughts on “Tiny update!

  1. You know, that experiment is definitely something that’s gotten my hopes up. This is a field where its been complex for me to delve into since am so new to it. Am willing to work though! Nice post by the way. Look forward to the progression!

    1. It’s reading your post this morning that got me into this. I was looking at doing some GYO and we eat a fair bit of sweet potatoes… So… You know, what am I losing by trying? B-)
      So thank *YOU* for your post… Without it, I wouldn’t be doing this!

      1. No problem! Am glad you appreciate it. Hopefully it works for both of us. We eat a lot of sweet potatoes here as well which is why we’re attempting this. Gardening is definitely something that’s not a ‘sexy’ topic, BUT, its important and would be great for every family/community out there to be able to at least learn the do’s/don’ts of it. Plus it helps save money too when you’re good at it. And its fresh food! Also planted garlic cloves two weeks ago, but didn’t take any pictures, not that it was super interesting |: Those will take a few months to see if anything manifests…sooo who knows? In any case, good luck! Let me know how yours turns out. Make sure to make a post of it!

        1. I will!

          And I’m not sure gardening isn’t sexy… It can be. You just have to approach it right. Growing your own food and having some cooking skills will get you far with the ladies. So I don’t know! B-)

          Also, when you realise that growing your own food TASTES better… *SO* much better! I have had tomatoes and capsicums that were soooooo very good! B-)

          1. Sounds great! Haven’t had the opportunity to have either of those fresh out of the garden but hopefully some day.

            And at least my cooking skills exist [8 Its my gardening skills that need some fine tuning =P. But but but *gasp*Am willing to work for it though. At least there’s hope (=

            1. AWESOME! \o/

              I swear most people are crap at gardening at first. Hell, I’m crap now and I have been at it with assistance for a few years now! (That doesn’t say much about me, I must say!)

              “Try, try and try again” should be every gardeners mantra. B-)

              1. Ha! Don’t talk yourself down. Am sure you’re doing fine! Help is great though. Sure makes things easier. Seriously, see some people and its like they are unleashing magic in the garden. Make it look like its literally a walk in the park lol \: Good thing am not a quitter by nature.

                Anyways am going to run some errands. It was great chatting with you. You stay awesome! You rock, seriously. Take care.

  2. It’s so unseasonably warm here the nasturtium seeds have come up in mom’s sheltered garden on the side of the house. The cold and snow will probably hit us in January or February so they will die of course. The plant seeded itself last year and the news seeded this year.

    I used to have 4 4′ x 8 ‘ raised vegetable gardens which I grew the Rodale Organic method. I had success with my beans but the tomatoes always got the blight. The pine frames rotted away and I lost interest, although we always grew a few tomatoes every year. This year I had the EarthBox for my tomatoes, but I planted in determinant tomatoes which got too big for the planter and got the blight even though I added lime. I have to get a new EarthBox for tomatoes next year because you can’t plant in the same box two years in a row. Then I can plant something small like garlic maybe next year in the old tomato box. If I have two I can rotate my crops.

    1. If you keep getting blight I would think its an issue with the soil or the area you are in.
      I’m guessing you did the obvious things (Soil watering rather than sprinkling, lots of space between plants for air movement, crop rotation)

      And no… Never do the same crop in the same place twice… That’s how you get diseases.

      If you earth up the nasturtiums and maybe use some winter fleece if you have any you may be ok and save them. But don’t put money on it… They are rather delicate!

      But yeah.. Its really warm here too… Its early December and I was walking around in a light jacket and a t-shirt. *shrug*

      1. What do you think of global warming? I think it’s a natural event that has gone on since earth was created. Does air pollution have anything to go with killing the ozone layer and making the earth warmer? Who knows.

        1. Climate change is a thing…For sure. While we are not the sole reason for it we are VERY MUCH an active part of it.

          We are just leaving an ice-age at the moment and so the planet is naturally warming up anyway… But we are pushing it along far too fast.

          Carbon emissions and greenhouse gasses are royally screwing up the ozone layer which is trapping heat.
          What can we do about it? Not much… It’s really racing now. I daresay we could rein it in a little… But we are now reaping what we have already sown. Its going to get much worse before it ever gets better and the way humanity is pissing into the wind at the mo its not going to change in my lifetime.

          Humans. >.>

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